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Bhopal Christians condemn attack on Delhi church

Bhopal, 9th Feb 2015 : More than 2,000 Christians members participated in a mass prayer at Assumption Church, Arera Colony as a mark of protest over the recent instants of attack on churches in Delhi.

Participants in the prayer meet wore black badges.

The prayer meet was followed by a meeting in which the participants expressed outrage at the instance of unprovoked violence against Christians and vandalizing their places of worship. They said the community should raise its voice against such incidents and so that the attack could be prevented and the forces behind such activities could be reined in.

Vicar General Fr Mathew V.C , Fr Dr Johnney PJ, Fr. Solomon, Anil Martin, Pastor Viju Varghese and Sr. Pushpanjali were the main speakers on the occasion.

A delegation of the Bhopal Archdiocese submitted a memorandum to Madhya Pradesh Governor Ram Naresh Yadav here today.

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