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BJP Fulfilling the RSS Designs

BJP Fulfilling the RSS Designs
The three day RSS conclave (Delhi, 2-4 September 2015) in which BJP ministers at the Centre and states including PM Modi are participating exposes once again the double talk of the RSS that it is a cultural organization and does not participate in political activities. We often hear that the RSS is a socio-cultural organization and has nothing to do with politics. In fact, RSS is obsessed with power and is enjoying it thoroughly. The RSS and its leaders are master manipulators.
MS Golwalkar, the most prominent ideologue of the organization admitted this trait when delivering a speech on March 16, 1954, in Sindi, Wardha, he said: “If we say that we are part of the organization and accept its discipline then selectiveness has no place in life. Do what is told. If told to play kabaddi, play kabaddi; told to hold meeting then meeting…For instance some of our friends were told to go and work for politics that does not mean that they have great interest or inspiration for it. They don’t die for politics like fish without water. If they are told to withdraw from politics then also there is no objection. Their discretion is just not required”.
[MS Golwalkar, Shri Guruji Samagar Darshan (collected works of Golwalkar in Hindi), Bhartiya Vichar Sadhna, Nagpur, volume 3, p. 32.] Golwalkar while addressing the prominent RSS cadres at Indore admitted: “We know this also that some of our swayamsevaks work in politics. There they have to organize according to the needs of work public meetings, processions etc., have to raise slogans. All these things have no place in our work. However, like the character in a play whatever role has been assigned should be portrayed with best of capability. But sometimes Swayamsevaks go beyond the role assigned to a performer (nat) as they develop over-zealousness in their hearts, to the extent that they become useless for this work. This is not good.” [Golwalkar, volume 4, p. 4-5.] This situation presents a very serious challenge to the democratic-secular Indian polity as RSS wants to build a Hindu state, denigrates the Tricolour and wants to replace the Indian Constitution with Manusmriti. If RSS swayamsevaks loaned to its political satellite act as ‘nat’ or performers then the end of democratic-secular India is not far off.
Shamsul Islam

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