A dozen incidents of violence reported against Christians in UP in just about 15 days

Church goers are being stopped from going to Church. Church services being stopped without furnishing any reasons....

A dozen incidents of violence reported against Christians in UP in just about 15 days

Pastors are being arrested at midnight treating them like terrorists.

Church goers are being stopped from going to Church.

Church services being stopped without furnishing any reasons.

New Delhi, 26 September, 2018.

These days a very minute Christian population just about 0.11% out of 180,362 population of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh is witnessing aggressive onslaught from Hindu fundamental groups. In this month, September 2018, this district has witnessed 12 incidents of violence against Christians. The Pastors are woken up in the middle of the night and being arrested on false allegation of fraudulent conversions. The roads connecting to Churches are blocked. The believers are stopped from going to Church and forcing them to return to home by the police.

The other pastors those who have not been arrested are threatened. And they are not being allowed to conduct service in the Church.

These incidents are being instigated by false propaganda of certain media houses like Zee News and daily Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran. According to them these pastors are luring the Hindus by performing miracles and by offering some allurements. Whereas the villagers have confessed

on news channels that they have accepted Jesus because their prayers are being heard and they are cured from their diseases and there have started enjoying the life better.

Sequence of attacks against Christians in Jaunpur

5th Sept: Pastor Durga Prasad and 270 were arrested.

11th Sept: Pastor Rajendra Chouhan’s along with Ratnesh Kumar, Manoj Kumar Chauhan, Jiyalal Murli and 3 other co-workers were arrested under pressure from extremists. They were released on bail on 14th Sept.

13th Sept: Pastor Gulabchand was taken into custody along with 3 other Church leaders. He was released on 14 September 2018 without any complaint against him.

13th Sept: Friday Fasting Prayer being conducted by Pastor Ravindra was attacked by a mob of religious fanatics. Out of fear the Pastor and male members of the Church members ran away.

13th Sept: The brother of the head of the village Panchayat beats up the Church leader, Mr. Ram Milan, and forces him to stop the prayer meeting.

13th Sept: While the prayer meeting was going on Pastor Ram Ratan and another Pastor Thomas Osoof from Mumbai were disrupted and taken into custody by the police.

16th Sept: The police team blocked all the roads connecting to Bhulandih church and asked the Sunday Church goers to go back home. Deepak, Rahul, Chandrabhushan, Rajendra and Virendra belonging to Bhulandih Church were arrested on 16th Sept and released on bail on 19 September 2018.

16th Sept: Pastor Anil Kumar, Praduman, Deepak Kumar, Monu and Ravinder were arrested by police in the middle of church service. They were released on bail on 18 September 2018.

23rd Sept: A mob of religious fanatics accompanied by the local police went around the village shouting slogans and then entered the Church disrupting the Sunday service. Pastor Ashok Rajbhar, his father and 3 more of Church members were taken into custody. Later father was let go.

23rd Sept: Another pastor conducting Sunday service was arrested.

23rd Sept: Pastor Chabilal was while conducting Sunday service.

24th Sept: The police asked Pastor Nanhe Lal to close down the Church

About Jaunpur

Jaunpur is the district headquarters located to the northwest of the district of Varanasi in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. And it is 228 km southeast of state capital Lucknow. The district has 2 Lok Sabha and 9 Vidhan Sabha constituencies. As per provisional data of 2011 census, Jaunpur had population of 180,362 of which male and female were 93,718 and 86,644 respectively. The literacy rate was 82.83. With a sex ratio of 1024 female per 1000 male. The district has a population density of 1,113 people per km. There are 88.03% Hindus, 11.94% Muslims, 0.11% Christians, 0.03% Sikhs and 0.51% others including Bodh and Jain.


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