Forces who attacked Gandhi and his ideology still active - Prof. Ramesh Dixit

Forces who attacked Gandhi and his ideology still active - Prof. Ramesh Dixit...

Forces who attacked Gandhi and his ideology still active - Prof. Ramesh Dixit

Lucknow, 02 October. CORD and ARTHA on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti today organised a deliberation on "हिंसक होते राज्य और समाज में महात्मा गांधी की अहिंसा की प्रासंगिकता" at Jamia uloom din e niswan,Lucknow.

In the deliberation Prof. Ramesh Dixit, Chairman of CORD emphasised on the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi even today and said the forces who attacked Gandhi and his ideology still active and they can only be countered with effective work at the ground level where "mohalla dari" be revived and people across the caste and religion barrier should interact.

Theatre personality Suryamohan Kulshreshta emphasised on the message of Mahatma where every individual has his/her role in the society and one has to see that society gives that opportunity to that individual.

Prof Nadeem Hasnain shared his teaching experience in US where majority of his students he interacted where aware of Mahatma and his contribution to society,he emphasised the movie "Gandhi" by Richard Attenborough is a best depiction of Mahatma's lifetime it's public display specially to youngsters should be done in villages and towns.

Pradeep Kapoor, Sr.journalist also spoke on the relevance of Mahatma's non violence as an important political ideology which has it's impact on the entire world.

Mridula Bhardwaj theatre personality emphasised that interaction with those who spread hatred can blunt their motives.

Rajiv Hemkeshav, social activist said that entire South Asia is facing a conspiracy where violence has become tool.

Abhishek Dixit a HC Lawyer said only Mahatma's ideology can save the world from volcanic situation it is facing.

Vandana Mishra Sr. journalist presided the proceedings of the deliberation and said Gandhi has become part of our folklore and hence his ideology will live forever.

Athar Husain, Director CORD conducted the proceedings of the deliberation.

Saif Ahmad of CORD gave vote of thanks.

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