Escuadra Pure, the latest addition to Roca faucet collection

~ Perfect combination of elegance, luxury and modern design for the new age bathroom~

New Delhi, June 2017: Roca, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products introduces Escuadra Pure, a new range of faucets showcasing elegance with modern design by bringing together square shapes with exclusive crystal handles. This is an extension of the existing Escuadra series and has been designed for those in search of luxury solutions for their bathrooms.

The handles in the collection boasts of anti-vandal handle architecture that increases the durability and life of the product. Escuadra Pure also includes last generation flow limiters that guarantee an optimum flow of 8l/m regardless of the system pressure. The ceramic headwork is the mechanical heart of the faucet and is tested for one million movements. The flexible hoses have been tested to 100 cycles of 25 bar pressure, ensuring a high durability even after years of use. The cutting glass handles combined with premium material used in electroplating process not only add to the style but also guarantee a long-lasting shine on the product. It’s an anticorrosive, bright and scratch proof range giving mirror effect with its EverShine® technology.

Escuadra Pure has four products which are – 3 holes basin mixer with 116mm spout length, 3 holes deck-mounted bath mixer, 4 holes deck-mounted bath shower mixer and built-in bath shower mixer.

Commenting on the launch of the range, K E Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathrooms Product Pvt Ltd. said, “At Roca, we constantly strive to create elegant and luxurious products for our customers. The idea was to eliminate the chaos of choice and bring function and fashion together. The Escuadra Pure range will not only add value to the customer’s bathroom with its unique glass handles but will also prove to be utility product with its distinct features. Pioneering the design space, our endeavour is to stay ahead of the current demand.”

(Press release)

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