Hindu religious leaders of north Gujarat wants indo pak friendship and bus service from Suigaam to Nagarparker

Hindu religious leaders of north Gujarat wants indo pak friendship and bus service from Suigaam to Nagarparker

kaleem siddiqui

Ahmedabad / Banaskantha : The "India-Pakistan Friendship and Peace march "which started from Ahmedabad's Gandhi Ashram has been completed 170 kilometers till Monday and hold in Thra for night in banaskantha, next day after walking around 15 km in the morning, the Padyatri reached Dev Darbar Jageer Math Ashram, where foot travelers get a grand welcome by ashram After the completion of welcome ceremony, all travelers including Sandeep Pandey met Shri Ogad Mahant Shree 1008 Baldevnathji maharaj DevDarbar math is located in Banaskantha district which is only 80 kilometer away from Pakistan border.

He said

“outside border salemkar remiti district of Hyderabad region is situated outside border which is nearest district to border most of the residents are Hindus, where nearly 500 Madhavani Hindu family live, who are their disciple (followers). Last year, they organize a 5-day Satsanga in Pakistan, in which I address the people of both Hindu and Muslim communities. Earlier, many followers visit their ashram in India, but due to the bitterness and tension in both the countries, now the arrival of people from Pakistan is nearly impossible, so I visited Pakistan last year. Not only visited, but also constructed a magnificent temple for his followers in Pakistan and the construction of  a grand hospital named 'Hey Nath' is under progress to sere the people of Salempur in Pakistan. One of his friend Mr. Ghanshyam is MLA in Pakistan. Baldevnath ji said that generally people of both the countries are very much loving, they are very few people who work to spread hatred among us, mutual love between the two countries creates brotherhood and harmony, which is necessary for progress and prosperity" He greeted all the pilgrims.

Sandeep Pandey said,

"When we met Sadaram Bapu in Lotana village, he was a very pleased that this kind of march came out to connect the hearts of the two countries. There are also hindu religious leaders who are very much secular and wants good relation with pakistan After marching to north Gujarat we came to know that there is no poison of communalism in these areas. but due to being a secular, no space given by mainstream media like this religious leaders. North Gujarat which is connected to the Pakistan border, despite that there is no open way for Pakistan which is unfortunate. Baldevnathji, Sadaram bapu and many people who wants bus service shuld be started between suigaam and nagar parker and like Sadaram Bapu and Baldevnathji played an important role in creating harmony in northern Gujarat. Being a religious leader, these people can play a role in Track To Diplomacy."

Pandey further said, "We asked Banadevnathji that in Pakistan there is a lot of tyranny with Hindus, they are forced to convert their religion and some media organizations in India claim that there is no permission to construct temples. In reply to our question, Baldevnathji said I have lived in Pakistan for a month in October 2017, although my follower may belong to a particular community but Muslims of pakistan also met respectfully and give us honor like may followers, I am also constructing a hospital in salempur Pakistan named 'Hey Nath'. I found there is no any forced conversion done. Anyone can built temple, there were no need permission from authorities except you are required a purchased or donated land. Even today, there is a Hindu kingdom (Omar Kot) "

The journey will reach Nadabet border on June 30, which is the last stop for the journey.Kaushar Ali saiyyed said “I have police permission till Nandeshwari Mata but waiting for Nada Bet border permission from BSF. we wrote a letter to BSF IG and in talk with BSF, Hopefully will get border permission before 28th june.”

Let us tell you there are many types of illusions in India about Pakistan. We asked and debate about women's empowerment in India but there is no reservation for women in Parliament and assemblies, while 60 seats are reserved for women in Pakistan’s National Assembly. Religion base Reservation in India is unconstitutional but 10 seats have been reserved for minorities in Pakistan.

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