I feel today simplicity is fading away says Nandita Das

Nandita stated that simplicity in today’s generation is fading away as compared to older times....


By News Helpline, Mumbai – 08 August, 2017

Indian film industry’s one of the finest female actress Nandita Das attended panel discussion at Godrej Club India Lab Museum  remembering partition between India – Pakistan in Saturday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Nandita stated that simplicity in today’s generation is fading away as compared to older times.

When asked her what difference she notices in older times and current time as she was attending Panel discussion about era of partition, she said,

“ Earlier , we used to have simplicity in our life which I feel is fading now. I don’t know whether I am romanticizing it or not but when I see elderly people around me I notice sense of optimism in them but today’s generation has become so cynical and they think that nothing is going to be change so why should we try it but elder people are still trying to bring change so I miss that effort to do good things and that intention to lead simple life in today’s gadget world where each individual is competing with another so I feel old time should come back again.

CBFC has ordered 48 cuts in Nawazuddin Siddiqui latest film ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ and recently, Nawazuddin made statement that if there will be 48 cuts in a film so we have to release a short film instead of full length feature film, reacting to Nawazuddin statement who is acting in Mandita’s upcoming film, Nandita said,

“I have been against censorship since the beginning because when I made Firaaq in 2008, I had to go through same ordeal because of censorship issue. I don’t know how few people in their committee can decide what is good and what is bad for the viewing of entire nation.”

“Film is very subjective thing because if I like one thing that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should like that thing. People can have difference of choice and opinion. In foreign countries, there are ratings that if you are above 18 years of age then they can watch it and it’s up to them whether it’s good or bad. If we have shown wrong or bad things in film then it will not last in the market so I feel they (CBFC) should not censor films in such wrong manner.”

“I feel Shyam Benegal’s committee report should be implemented as I was also part of that committee and I think audience is really mature and they should be involved in this process otherwise just like Nawaz said people will only able to see short film if CBFC works in same manner.”

She added,

“I feel if we continue do such kind of policing then society will not move forward. We are banning each little thing. Today on internet, you can see whatever you want so it’s a kind of hypocrisy of people as you are banning it officially but we can see it on internet or see pirated version of it so I feel there is no use of it”

Talking about recreating old era in her upcoming film Manto, Nandita said,

“We have recreated partition era in my film Manto and because of that I got opportunity to make research on that time. We have given importance in the detailing of each thing like switch board, television, cloths and vehicles so it was kind of exposure for me as a filmmaker”.

 Das’s upcoming directorial venture Manto – a biopic on controversial Indo-Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto – stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the titular role.

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