Even if entire opposition unites, we will win 2019 LS polls by a greater majority:  Amit Shah

Even if entire opposition unites, we will win 2019 LS polls by a greater majority:  Amit Shah in India TV Samvaad conclave...

NEW DELHI, May 16: BJP president Amit Shah today confidently said that his party would win the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 with a greater majority.

"All parties in NDA have elected Narendra Modi as their leader, and even if all the opposition parties unite, we will win".

Replying to questions in the daylong India TV Samvaad conclave, Amit Shah had a word of advice for Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal: "Excuses will not do. In the end, performance will count."

"His party had came to power riding the wave of anti-corruption movement, and claimed to be the harbinger of clean politics. Let it mention just one issue where it worked transparently."

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On Kejriwal's charge that it was the BJP which was instigating its leaders to break the party, Amit Shah said:

"I do not exactly what know what Kejriwal ji thinks about the people of India. He thinks we can instigate anybody, it is possible in today's politics? You don't get a mandate in this manner. The recent Delhi elections have made it clear that excuses and negative politics will not work. If you want power, you must perform."

Praising the Modi government's demonetization decision, Amit Shah said:

"Nearly 92 lakh new Income Tax payers have come forward since demonetization. There has been an 18 per cent hike in direct and indirect tax collections. After demonetization, the cash reserves of banks have improved and they are in a position to disburse loans.

"On black money, you will get the answers after one year, we have enacted law against benami properties, we have launched campaigns against fake shell companies. Lastly, all the data that have been collected during demonetisation, when acted upon, will ensure that not a single person will be found indulging in black money."

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On RJD leader Lalu Prasad's remark on government's failure in providing jobs and unearthing black money, Amit Shah quipped:

 "I cannot assess Modiji's performance based on Laluji's vision. Laluji should have asked not about jobs, but about how many got self-employment. Under Mudra Bank scheme, we have given loans ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakhs to nearly 7.23 crore people in the last three years. We have opened the doors of banks to people who need loans for self-employment."

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