India should move Security Council to convene urgent session on Gaza situation

India should move Security Council to convene urgent session on Gaza situation...

India should move Security Council to convene urgent session on Gaza situation

New Delhi, 24 September. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society urged Govt. of India and particularly the Prime Minister of India to move the Security Council of the United Nations to convene an urgent meeting against the brutal thrashing of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip, integral part of the State of Palestine which was created in 1948 by the division of Palestine by the sad resolution no.181 of the United Nations. Prof. Bhim Singh also called on the peace-loving people in the East and in the West to raise a strong voice against the illegal and treacherous occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces since 1948. He said that the partition ordered by the Security Council creating Israel was highly undesirable and against the letter and spirit of International Laws which was opposed by India at that time also.

Prof. Bhim Singh accused the Zionist State of Israel for illegally occupying almost one-third of State of Palestine after its partition by the United Nations in 1948. He reminded the Indian leadership to read the history of Palestine right since the appearance of God Ibrahim and the attrocities being committed against the Palestinians for years. He also reminded the present leadership in India to stop garlanding the Israeli leadership, instead, India should follow the principles which were adhered by Indian leadership right since the partition of Palestine assuring full support to the Palestinian leadership. He said that it is unfortunate that after the death of Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat, the present Indian leadership has been playing in the hands of Anglo-American Bloc and has sacrificed India’s contributions to assist and grow the people of Palestine.

Prof. Bhim Singh who is also the Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society has declared that Indo-Palestine Friendship Society shall be holding an International Conference in India in the last week of December, 2018. He hoped that the Palestinian leadership shall also participate. The representatives of Arab League shall also be invited so that Indo-Arab solidarity movement is revived once again and the people of Palestine shall get justice and equity which remains denied to them by the Zionist Govt. in Israel. Prof. Bhim Singh strongly condemned Israel for attacking the peace-loving Palestinians in Gaza this morning and demanded to Israel's 11-year blockage of Gaza Strip depriving nearly two million inhabitants of many basic commodities. 

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