communal unrest in Ladakh : ISK writes CM, demands safety and security of Muslims in Leh

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‘’LBA accusation for “luring Buddhist girl” are false’’. Shiekh Nazir

Sajjad Hussain

Kargil, 13 September 2017

In connection to the recent Muslim converted Buddhist woman marriage with a Muslim man row, reacting on Ladakh Buddhist Association’s (LBA) ultimatum for Muslims in Leh and threatening for communal unrest in Ladakh.

President Anjuman Jamiat-e- Ulema, Islamia School Kargil, Shiekh Nazirul Mehdi Mohammadi today has written a letter to the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. In his letter Seikh Nazir seek intervention of the Chief Minister and demanded safety and security of the Muslim community in Leh. 

“Your attention urgently invited to interfere in the matter in light of serious nature of sensitive apprehension law and order problem. Smells to be create by LBA in the whole Ladakh region”. The letter reads.

Shiekh Nazirul Mehdi also urged chief minister for sufficient quantum of Law and order enforcements agencies needs to be kept ready in advance with ‘strict directions to keep vigil supervision on the activities of LBA as precautionary measures.

Rejecting the LBA accusation and terming it false for “luring Buddhist girl” sheikh Nazair states in his letter that LBA is willful creating the situation to create unrest in the region.

About the girl Muslim converted girl Shifa (previous name Stanzin Saldon), He writes, “They are embracing Islam by virtue of her faith and trust and the doors of Islam are open for all without any disparity”.

The tension was sparked in Ladakh region after a Marriage between a Buddhist woman and Muslim man.  After which the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) has written to Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, asking for an annulment of the marriage between local-born 30-year-old Shifah, formerly called Stanzin Saldon, and her 32-year-old husband Murtaza Aga of Kargil. The woman converted to Islam in 2015. She married Aga, an engineer, last year.

In a court affidavit last year in Karnataka, where Shifah was staying then, she declared that on April 22, 2015, she converted to Islam and on April 28, 2016, she changed her name to Shifah from Stanzin. “I am affirming my new Islamic faith in healthy and sound mind without any threat, force or compulsion or coercion from any person or person, whatsoever,” the affidavit said.

In another affidavit, Shifah said on July 7, 2016, she got married to Syed Murtaza Aga, out of her “own free will and consent”. She declared that she was not “induced or abducted” by her husband and was not under wrongful confinement.

When tensions rose, the couple approached the J&K high court and in an order dated July 28, it observed that during the case, the “petitioners shall not be harassed”.

The girl accused LBA of issuing false statements and presenting a concocted version of the events.

“They (LBA) state that I was lured into Islam by him and also warning Muslim community in Ladakh (in general) to return me. So this is to clarify to your honourable self and the concerned parties that this statement of LBA is false and concocted, an effort to suppress and threaten the rights of an individual, a woman to be more specific, in the disguise of “luring”,” she wrote.

She further wrote, “LBA is trying to objectify me and demanding my return as if I’m a property, which I’m not and cannot allow anyone to perceive me as such. I’ve accepted Islam long way back, not because I dislike any other religion but considering my spiritual quest and an interest in religious philosophies, which was way before I met Murtaza. I repeat, my marriage has nothing to do with my spiritual choices, love and companionship being the only reason for our marital bond. The spiritual choice is a very personal matter not to be mixed with my marriage,” she added.

She requested people to maintain peace and harmony by not letting dividing forces to deepen the fear and hatred.

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