JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi; leaders arrested

JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi; leaders arrested Declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist State’: Harsh...

JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi; leaders arrested
JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi

JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi; leaders arrested

Declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist State’: Harsh

New Delhi 13-05-2017: Admonishing Pakistan for its blatant interference in the internal affairs of India, its ceaseless ceasefire violations along the IB and LoC besides its overt and covert support to secessionists in Kashmir, a strong contingent of Panthers party activists staged a massive demonstration outside Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi today spearheaded by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers along with other leaders. Accusing Pakistan for pushing Kashmir into a cauldron of unrest, mayhem and bloodshed, the infuriated protestors raised anti-Pak slogans and sought its declaration as a ‘Terrorist State’. The NPP leaders were arrested by Delhi police and detained in Chanakyapuri police station.

 Fascism : open terrorist dictatorship of corporate political rule

Castigating Pakistan for aiding secessionists in Kashmir and abetting terror attacks all over the country, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that Pakistan’s notoriety had now assumed alarming proportions as the rogue country was openly supporting the separatists and other disruptive forces in the State.

He said that Pakistan had not been mending ways despite repeated warnings at appropriate forums and maintained that it was high time that India launched a full throttle campaign against Pakistan at international level for latter’s peace vitiating  attacks on our soil. 

JKNPP protests outside Pak High Commission, New Delhi; leaders arrested Declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist State’: HarshAnguished over the Pakistan’s recent carnage in Krishna Ghati followed by its ongoing ceasefire violations in Nowshera sector resulting in civilian casualties, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh questioned BJP that where the slogan of  ‘beheading ten heads of the enemy in lieu of each martyred Indian Jawan’ vanished when the mauled and decapitated bodies of the slain soldiers were returned to their bereaved families.

जनविद्रोह के कगार पर कश्मीर : दो सांप्रदायिकताएं मिलकर तो दुहरी सांप्रदायिकता ही बना सकती हैं, धर्मनिरपेक्षता नहीं

He reminisced that the gruesome attack in Poonch had been preceded by a series of similar Pak misadventures including the Uri attack, Pathankot attack, Nagrota attack, Allah Peer attack besides frequent attacks on the defense personnel in Kashmir killing and injuring hundreds and thousands of Indian soldiers.

He wondered that how Union Govt could remain silent amid back to back terror attacks on Army, unprovoked firing and shelling on borders, threatening statements of Pak PM and Pak Army General and persistent rabble rousing be clerics/terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed, Sayeed  Salauddin and Maulana Massod Azhar.

भाजपा, गोलाबारूद और सेना की मदद से कश्मीर को सुलगा रही

He further revealed that there were reportedly more than 100 armed terrorists of LeT and JeM who were still waiting at the launch pads to infiltrate into our territory to further execute their nefarious designs.

Urging upon the GOI to go the whole hog against belligerent neighbour for its persistent misadventures, Mr. Singh said that the issue of economic sanctions against Pakistan with stoppage of all financial aid from institutions like IMF, World Bank, ADB was required to be pursued vigorously.

While taking a dig at the NDA Government, Mr. Singh regretted that the BJP which would harp on its jingoistic harangues like ‘56 inches chest of PM Modi’,‘10 enemy heads against one Indian martyr’ and anti-Pak stance earlier had miserably retreated from its tall pronouncements with all rhetoric proving hollow rants.

He recalled that PM during his speech on Indus Water Treaty earlier had categorically spelled out that blood and water could not flow together but regretted that no concrete deterrent action had been initiated against the belligerent nation so far.

Every Citizen Has an Equal Right on India Whatever be His Religion

He also regretted that despite several deliberations the status conferred upon Pakistan for ‘Most Favoured Nation’ had also not been withdrawn by the GoI and its repeated failures to take an appropriate decisive action had only emboldened the terror organizations working against India. He exhorted UNO to declare Pakistan a ‘Terror State’ and asked GoI to act stringently against the rogue nation rather than mourning and condemning its timid act.

Mr. Yash Paul Kundal said that JKNPP was constrained to lodge a protest as the State government has miserably failed to control the situation in Kashmir besides the BJP, despite its tall harangues and rhetorical overtures, had abdicated its responsibility of questioning the belligerent nation over its misadventures and violent posturing.

While accusing Pakistan for fomenting trouble in the State, he said that it had created dozens of terror groups in the name of 'Jehad'  who were resorting to violence and terror attacks, they maintained that frequency of the ceasefire violations by Pakistan called for stern measures against the rogue nation by taking the world community into confidence.

आखिर क्यों कश्मीर लगातार सुलग रहा है? युवा नाराज क्यों हैं? लोकतंत्र हारता हुआ क्यों दिख रहा है?

Cautioning the power intoxicated BJP to wake up from its slumber in the wake of the recent Pak misadventure in Poonch, he said that the beheading of the bodies of the Indian Soldiers was a national sacrilege and a great dishonour to the entire nation which needed to be avenged by beheading twenty enemies against ruthless desecration of our two Jawans otherwise Saffron party shall hold a stigma of being a ‘toothless tiger’ and nothing else.

Prominent among those who led the protest included Romesh Khajuria, Parshotam Parihar, Mohinder Singh, Shamsher Singh, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Dildar Hussain Beig, Surinder Yadav besides several others.

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