Activists and intellectuals calls up on Jharkhand government to lift ban on Popular Front of India

Activists and intellectuals calls up on Jharkhand government to lift ban on Popular Front of India...

Activists and intellectuals drawn from different corners of the country have called up on the Government of Jharkhand to immediately lift the ban on Popular Front of India. In a joint statement issued by them, they said  the ban order  scoffs at the laws of the land and opens doors to the violation of fundamental rights respected by the constitution. It is reported that the ban was imposed on the specious and baseless allegation that the front was influenced by the so called ISIS of the Middle East, they continued. “They understand that Popular Front of India is a neo social movement actively involved in developmental work like literacy campaign, prevention of malnutrition and comprehensive empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden,  especially Muslims.”

The signatories also pointed out that the Hindutva Government of Jharkhand and its police have been unhappy with the activists of Popular Front for highlighting the multiple lynching cases in the state. The ban is a ploy used by the government to intimidate people and suppress democratic forms of protest and dissent. This is not for the first time that the government has used law to ban organizations opposed to the plunder of this resource rich state and the corruption of the ruling class.

They also appealed to the human right groups, political parties and minority organizations to rally up for lifting the ban of Popular Front of India.

Among the endorsee :

1 Dr. Suresh Khairnar,Social Activist, Nagpur Maharashtra

2. Ravi Nair,South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, New Delhi

3. Prof Shamshul Islam,New Delhi

4. Leni Raghuvamshi PVCHR, Varanasi Uttarpardesh

5. Adv.Sridevi Panikker, Supreme Court, New Delhi

6. Rajiv Yadav Rihai Manch, lucknow , Uttar Pardesh

7.Adv Aditya Wadhwa, Supreme Court, New Delhi

8 .Dr.Malam Ningthauja. Camping for Peace and Democracy, Manipur

9. Sunil Kumar, Journalist/ Activist, New Delhi        

10.  Madhuri Krishnaswamy JADS Bhopal, Madhye Pardesh

11. Vasantha AS , Hyderabad

12 Rona Wilson, CRPP New Delhi

13 Seema Azad, Editor Dastak, Allhabaad

14 Prbal  DSU Delhi University

15 Adv Amit Shrivastav High Court Delhi

16 Adv Mangala High Court Delhi

17 Anushka Democratic Rights New Delhi

18. Vipul kumaar, Quill Foundation

19. Devika Parsad, Rights Activist

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