NPP Supremo bravos Kashmir Editor’s Guild, Pleads to identify the sources of blunder 

NPP Supremo bravos Kashmir Editor’s Guild, Pleads to identify the sources of blunder ...

NPP Supremo bravos Kashmir Editor’s Guild, Pleads to identify the sources of blunder 

           Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court  & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, J&K has welcomed the statement carrying the resolve of ‘Kashmir Editor’s Guild’ to make a strong plea for ensuring implementation of all civil and fundamental rights to the media persons in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong plea before the court of ‘Kashmir Editor’s Guild’ to identify those who are threatening the rules and law in ‘Kashmir’ (as they have quoted) and who are responsible for taking care of certain ‘crucial issues’ pertaining to the working of the media in Kashmir. Agreed, that the freedom of speech and writing is a fundamental right as enshrined in the Constitution of India in its Chapter-III ranging from Article 12 to Article 35. The freedom of speech and press as incorporated in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution was applicable in J&K from January 26, 1950 till May 14, 1954. It was this day when President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad banned the authority of the Parliament of India by entrusting dictatorial power to the Gov.t of J&K to curb any freedom/civil right which was guaranteed in Article 19 to all the citizens of India. It included the citizens of J&K also. It was from May 14, 1954 that J&K was brought under the unbalanced dictatorship of J&K Govt. to curb all fundamental rights of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah at that time who was detained after his dismissal in 1953. The ‘A’ became the monster that day.

          Prof.Bhim Singh has urged on ‘Kashmir Editor’s Guild’ that the Guild may come out with a clear suggestion as to ‘what needs to be done’ to ensure that all fundamental rights to the journalists/writers/editors are allowed to remain uncensored according to the guarantee provided in the Indian Constitution itself. Today the journalists are feeling insecured only for the reason that the freedom and the rights guaranteed to them in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution in 1950 stand scuttled since 1954. That is the reason that all lovers of freedom of the press and speech have been opposing Article 35(A). Salute to the ‘Kashmir Editor’s Guild’!

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