NPP Supremo shocked on killings of Anil Parihar & Ajit Parihar in Kishtwar   

NPP Supremo shocked on killings of Anil Parihar & Ajit Parihar in Kishtwar...

NPP Supremo shocked on killings of Anil Parihar & Ajit Parihar in Kishtwar   

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has expressed deep shock on the brutal assassination of two brothers namely, Anil Parihar and Ajit Parihar in their hometown, Kishtwar (J&K) about 215 kms. north-east of Jammu Tawi, last evening. NPP Supremo in his tributes to the departed souls said that the loss of the two youthful citizens of India is highly tragic and unbearable while expressing condolences on his behalf and on behalf of the National Panthers Party when addressing the young lawyers association in New Delhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded an explanation from the State Govt., particularly from the police hierarchy of J&K on the total failure of the security forces to provide protection to Anil Parihar who was registered as security protectee since 2008 when he was the President of District National Panthers Party of Kishtwar. He contested State Assembly election in 2008 also. (Also reported by The Hindu this morning). According to the sources Mr. Anil Parihar was under security cover but “I wonder where that security cover had disappeared at that time when Anil and his brother were shot dead in a public place. Where the killers had disappeared? This question needs an answer from the security forces working under the command of the J&K police.” The Governor should hold inquiry.

The meeting of the lawyers and political activists paid tributes to Anil Parihar for his unique services and contributions particularly in Kishtwar District where he served the people with total commitment fighting for the unity of the people and for the developmental works. Anil was a great friend, a secularist to the core with human heart and gave his life for the welfare of the people he lived irrespective of their religions, castes or classes. We have lost a great friend, a loving human being and his brother and we shall be missing him for all the times. Let God grant them peace in the heavens, Prof.Bhim Singh prayed.

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