Raazi : This Rare Spy Film peddles No Jingoism or Communalism

Raazi : This Rare Spy Film peddles No Jingoism or Communalism...

Aurobindo Ghose

This Rare Spy Film peddles No Jingoism or Communalism

Aurobindo Ghose

Saw the film Raazi yesterday. It is avowedly a patriotic film about the significant role of a Kashmiri Muslim woman spy ( Sehmat played by Alia Bhatt) working for the Indian intelligence in Islamabad, during the Bangladeshi war of liberation.

India led by PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi took the decision to aid and assist the forces confronting the Pakistani military in the then East Pakistan.

The story is based on the precept of patriotism and how the concept of 'Watan' or 'Mulk' is above everything, for Hindu and Muslim alike whether Indian or Pakistani. In the present milieu of communal hate and mistrust of the minority, it is unthinkable for the Indian State to engage a Kashmiri Muslim spy and heavily depend on the information provided by her. I liked the theme, story and thrilling suspense of the film.

Gulzar's daughter Meghna Gulzar has scripted and directed the film in a most subdued, sensible and balanced way and Gulzar himself has provided the inimitably superb musical lyrics.

Alia Bhatt as Sehmat, Vicky Kaushal as her Pakistani husband Iqbal and Jaideep Ahlawat as Sehmat's handler ( or trainer ) put in absolutely stellar performances.

I am not alone in my admiration as the film is doing very well at the box office. It is the same public it seems which voted for the Opposition in the recent elections. The film has been banned in Pakistan. I am wondering why the Indian censor board has not banned Raazi as yet.

--- Aurobindo Ghose, Human Rights Activist


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