Bringing Aavirbhaav of spirituality into your life

Bringing Aavirbhaav of spirituality into your life Journey of spiritually inspired artist and guide annu kalra...

Bringing Aavirbhaav of spirituality into your life

Journey of spiritually inspired artist and guide annu kalra


New Delhi, August 25, 2017: Life takes a 360 degree turn at the most obscure times and brings us to a sudden halt. For most people this could turn into a life shattering change but for some it could turn into a life changing opportunity.  An opportunity to delve deeper into our lives and take stock of it before it is too late. Aavirbhaav-Hindu Deities Guidance & Meditation Cards, by well-known spiritually inspired artist, guide and communication professional annu kalra, offers just the perspective and guidance. This very exclusive offering was conceived and crafted to present the matchless concepts and beliefs from the rich Indian culture and presented it in a self help format of Guidance Cards. “Aavirbhaav” was launched today at the Constitution Club of India in a gala event.

The book was released today at the Constitution Club of India by Dr Karan Singh, who was the chief Guest. Also present at the book launch as Guest of Honour were Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. The evening was also blessed by the presence of Avadhoota Ugra Chandeshwar Kapali Maharaj of Satyanath Math, Sultanpur. The event saw attendance by the celebrities like Tarun Vijay – indian politician and author, Arpana caur – an artist, Abhinav Bindra – a world & Olympic champion shooter, Gautam Gambhir – Indian International Cricketer and government servants. 

Aavirbhaav-Hindu Deities Guidance & Meditation Cards amalgamates concepts and beliefs from the innumerable systems that exist in the Indian culture and is presented in a self-help format of Guidance Cards. Each card is a representation of Deities from various traditions including the Vedas, Puranas and Tantra etc. ‘Aavirbhaav’ means manifestations, and the Deities manifest to help in our human journey. This set is a means of accessing their guidance.

Speaking on the launch of ‘Aavirbhaav’, the chief guest, Dr. Karan Singh, remarked,” Going through the book is an education in itself and, I am sure, it will be widely appreciated not only among Indian Hindus but around the world where Hindus are settled in large numbers. The book and the cards are beautifully designed and printed. I commend annu kalra for her imaginative production.”

Adds Ms. annu kalra, the author of the bookTo experience peace, beauty and joy is everyone’s right. If it currently eludes you, to search for it far and wide is your right and you should make it a priority. The self help set of Aavirbhaav Hindu Deities Guidance and Meditation Cards can aid your efforts at experiencing greater well being”.

The evening also included the Guru Vandana and Ganesh Stuti by the author, Annu Kalra herself and later it was followed by the Bharatanatyam recital by Soundarya Lahari on Ganesha, a young Bharatanatyam dancer from Hyderabad who has trained under Guru Padmashri Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant which made this evening more spiritual.

About the Book

Aavirbhaav- Hindu Deities Guidance & Meditation Cards is a book for the intelligent questioning person caught between the spectrum of belief and non –belief; which is really a large majority of Urban Indians. While the hypocrisy and mumbo jumbo of fundamentalism   has alienated him, his quest and belief in the ancient Sanatan Hindu dharma has not completely disintegrated. It is not without reason; the ancient people were very intelligent. They created elaborate systems of rites and rituals to aid people in their self -discovery and self-actualization, idol worship being one of them. Over time those became empty rituals due to their being followed in a mechanical way and also having been handed down as a diktat rather than with appropriate explanations and scientific rigour.

­­­­­­About the Author

Annu kalra has donned many hats in her corporate avatar spanning 2 decades. She has been a Media Planner, Buyer and Communication & Brand Consultant. A series of challenging events turned the course of her life and she found her calling in facilitating transformation in people and their lives. She found that her spiritual journey within, through meditation and understanding of the Scriptures, has enabled her to be in the position of not only living a happy and peaceful life but also being able to guide people to deal with their own issues.

She conducts Workshops, holds Musings & Mystical Art Sessions, gives personal counselling sessions, does guided meditations as well as writes extensively on the subject of spirituality and interpretations of traditional wisdom in the modern context. She is a Coach and Counsellor to many people including successful corporate people and some celebrities from the performing arts and Cinema. She was recently awarded the ‘Iconic woman making the world a better place for all’ at the Women Economic Forum 2017 in New Delhi. She was also awarded for ‘Excellence in Art’ by the Bharat Nirman Foundation in 2016.

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