India’s Engineering Technology is the Best in the World -Ashwini Damle


New Delhi :  India’s engineering technology is the best in the world and no Country can beat our technology, said Ashwini Damle, Civil Engineer here today

She was felicitated in the office of Maharashtra Information Centre on the occasion of Engineers Day. 

This day is celebrated on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of the scholar in this field and recipient of Bharat Ratna, Dr. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Public Relations Officer, Amarjyot Kaur Arora presented a bouquet, shawl and Shreefal to Ms Damle.

 An IItian from Kharagpur, Ms. Damle has a rich and varied experience of working on different Government construction projects in almost all the states. Starting her first assignment from Bihar on Gram Sadak Yojna Project to presently working on Noida Eastern Expressway, she shared at least a dozen of her experiences making the interaction lively and vivid.

When asked about her experiences while working in the male dominated engineering sector, she was quick to respond that she did not face any issues being a woman, rather, she added, on watching a woman on the bridge construction and road construction sites, people used to come and watch her with sheer curiosity. Recalling her experiences, she said that she has toured almost all states and has met a variety of people which has helped her understand the traditions, customs and culture of each state closely enriching her personality and making her more humanitarian and grounded.  Expressing about Engineers’ work, she said we as Engineers play a paramount role in Nation Building.

 Explaining about her works in the GeoTech field, she informed that the “Dynamic Pile Load test Technology is her brain child. Adding further she said, she didn’t desire to bring a ‘Patents’ right on it. She wanted that each and every engineer of the Nation should be able to use this technology. During this interaction, she lauded the achievements of Government of India and Maharashtra government made in this sector.  She also appealed the girl students to join engineering to improve the male female ratio.

 Answering about her entry into engineering sector, she said that she hailed from a small village of Nashik and the members of her family were Doctors. ‘I also wanted to be one but fell short of 4 marks only, which made me enter engineering sector, but I don’t regret at all’, says she with immense pride. During this time she expressed her gratitude towards her parents, family, husband, in-laws and her Engineering Gurus- Prof. Dr. P.G Pise and Prof. Dr. V.I. Ganpule, the experts of engineering. 

Answering on her future endeavors, she said, since 2010 she has been running her own organization “Geo” and is also a “Quality control” consultant on many government panels. However, she intends to work on a major scale and desires to be a contractor to prove her mettle more and also to serve the society, to which she is greatly indebted.

Information Officer, Anju Nimsarkar compered the event and presented the vote of thanks.

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