Historic Strike by DTC Workers Forces Government to Withdraw Circular Reducing Wages

Despite ESMA and Last Minute Efforts to Quell Anger, DTC Workers Respond Heroically to 29th October Strike Call...

Historic Strike by DTC Workers Forces Government to Withdraw Circular Reducing Wages

Despite ESMA and Last Minute Efforts to Quell Anger, DTC Workers Respond Heroically to 29th October Strike Call

October 29th, 2018, Delhi: The one day strike call given by AICCTU affiliated DTC Workers Unity Centre and supported by DTC Workers Union (AITUC) and DTC Employees Congress (INTUC) brought to standstill the regular functioning of Delhi Transport Corporation. More than 11,000 contract workers and thousands of permanent workers observed the strike today, which affected the entire city. The government in a last minute bid to quell the anger of workers brought out a circular reinstating the wages which were reduced earlier by the DTC management. This indeed is a big victory for DTC workers who were affected badly by reduction of wages. However, AICCTU and DTC Workers Unity Centre maintain that the government should give up its arrogance as demonstrated by imposition of ESMA and start negotiating with unions immediately for other demands like ‘same pay for same work’, ‘regularization of contractual workers’, ‘new buses in DTC fleet’ etc. Rajesh, General Secretary, DTC Workers Unity Centre said ,“It is the government’s and the management’s prerogative to impose/implement ESMA and choose to curb whatever democratic space that workers have. Delhi Government’s actions have proven that it is ever willing to go hand in gloves with its counterpart BJP Government in Haryana. We are duty bound to fight every such injustice.”

Unprecedented Support by Central Trade Unions to DTC Workers Strike

All Central Trade Unions other than Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) had supported the call for the strike. Leaders from various unions came out in full solidarity with the striking workers during the entire day. While picketing in different depots of DTC several union leaders were detained/arrested early in the morning. Comrade Prempal Chautela, Working President of DTC Workers Unity Centre (AICCTU) was detained from North Delhi and Comrade Sriraman, Vice President, DTC Workers Unity Centre (AICCTU) along with comrades Chotelal and Harilal from CITU were detained at Harinagar Police Station for picketing in front of a bus depot in West Delhi. Comrade Rajender, Secretary, HMS Delhi, Comrade Mahavir Tyagi, General Secretary, DTC Workers Union (AITUC), Comrade Rajaram Tyagi, Convenor, DTC Workers Union (AITUC) and Comrade H C Pant from CITU were also present at various bus depots. Comrade Santosh Roy, President, AICCTU Delhi thanked all the unions which supported the strike and said that joint meetings would be conducted to chalk out plans for future course of action.

Workers Make it Clear : Fight for Rights Would Continue despite ESMA and All Kinds of Repressive Measures

Workers from Haryana Roadways who have been protesting against privatization efforts by Haryana’s BJP Government addressed a gathering of striking workers in one of the bus depots. The BJP Government in Haryana has imposed ESMA on agitating workers, just like AAP Government in Delhi which has done so for DTC employees. Santosh Roy, President, AICCTU Delhi said ,“ The condition of the workers in DTC remains deplorable, DTC has no new buses to carry on its normal functioning, pollution levels are ever increasing. We want to make it very clear to the government that the issues raised by the workers are also the issues of common masses, the government can choose to neglect the demands at its own peril.”

AICCTU thanks and congratulates the workers of Delhi Transport Corporation for taking their struggle to a new level as well as citizens of Delhi and many people who showed solidarity with the cause of DTC workers including Bezwada Wilson of Safai Karmchari Andolan and Rajib Ray of DUTA.

{Press Release issued by Abhishek-General Secretary, All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU Delhi)}

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