The Ardee School Partners with Nirvana Being To Unleash Air Pollution Free Greener Campus

In a first of its kind initiative in India, the New Friends Colony based school to use Nirvana Being’s technology to make its “my right to breathe” campaign a reality....

The Ardee School Partners with Nirvana Being To Unleash Air Pollution Free Greener Campus

In a first of its kind initiative in India, the New Friends Colony based school to use Nirvana Being’s technology to make its “my right to breathe” campaign a reality.

New Delhi,30 October 2018: THE ARDEE SCHOOL, New Friends Colony, one of Delhi’s leading K-12 schools, in collaboration with Nirvana Being, the market leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Compliance has transformed the ambiance of the school in terms of the air quality the children breathe in. This breakthrough achievement at THE ARDEE SCHOOL has been possible with the passionate and focused efforts of Shefali Varma, the Chairperson of Ardee School. The school is one of the founder members of the campaign “my right to breathe” and under the accomplished and expert guidance of Nirvana Being they have created a revolution in the school education sector.

The School’s Special Task Force team under the leadership of Shefali has taken some pathbreaking decisions to provide healthy and improved air quality to the students. The school classifies days as Yellow and Red depending on the pollution level range and follows a system of flagging the same. This has been made possible with the deployment of monitors across the school premises. It alerts the students on the adverse impact of the air quality and prepares them for emergency preventative care. Parents can stay informed through the use of an online link to the air quality monitors.

The School suspends all outdoor activity once the PM2.5 levels exceed 200ug/m3 in line with their policy of limiting exposure of children.  However, sport and physical activity are imperative for cognitive development.  Nirvana Being has retrofitted the ventilation systems in the lower ground floor area of the school with MERV 14 rated Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners to reduce PM2.5 levels by 80-85% from ambient levels, down to 0.3 microns. This floor is 15000 square feet of space dedicated to indoor sports and activity. The air quality is kept under control with high quality ‘Air Circulation System’ and electronic air cleaners and filters. The impact is very distinctly observed on Yellow and Red days when the PM2.5 levels exceed 200ug/m3 and playing outdoors is very unsafe.

The school ensures healthy air with creative techniques such as plants being used in classrooms and further looking into the installation of a German-engineered planter called Airy that generates eight times more clean air than an earthen pot. These tools replenish oxygen levels and reduce volatile organic compounds in the classrooms where children spend most of their day. With this robust arrangement, the school is a safer place for children rather than a closure on heavy pollution days.

The Ardee School has engaged in initiatives such as offering video classes  to students when schools are closed down by the government on severe pollution days;waste-free school drive, wearing masks while commuting on red days, customizing the school calendar to ensure longer breaks during poor air quality periods(Diwali and winter break) and reducing other holidays to keep a balance, the red brigade participation to raise air pollution awareness in the community and regular discussions on pollution that cover aspects on how to prevent, prepare and protect oneself.

Commenting on this milestone move, Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, founder of Nirvana Being said, “It is imperative for school authorities to realize the detrimental impact of air pollution on a child’s development. The effects can be severe in terms of physical and cognitive impacts. Thus, this issue needs to be actively and aggressively addressed, to limit the exposure of children. If we want a healthy nation and a better tomorrow, we have a responsibility to deal with this concern in schools, where children spend a bulk of their day.”

The Ardee School Chairperson, Mrs. Shefali Varma said, “Children are most vulnerable to the rising pollution levels, which is not improving any time soon. The effects of breathing in the impure air are clearly visible in their overall growth. We cannot afford to neglect this grave situation anymore.  Children spend 8 hours a day with us. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students are protected and this is what we are trying to achieve.”

But the fight cannot stop here. The Ardee School has begun the Carpool To School movement and simple incentives like privilege cards for students and attendance waivers is offered to the more environmentally conscious students who are ready to step out of their comfort zone.

In addition, in the school’s endeavor to spread awareness on this health emergency, a talk by Mr. Jaidhar Gupta and Dr. NitinVerma, renowned pediatrician is being hosted at their New Friends Colony campus on November 1.  On the same day, the student council of the school has planned an anti-cracker march, in which the school community will engage the community as they reach out to them to help them understand the need to have a No Cracker Diwali. The school community has reached out to all stakeholders to join them in fighting for their child’s right to breathe.

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