Tributes to Shaheed Udham Singh at Delhi Minorities Commission Hq

Tributes to Shaheed Udham Singh at Delhi Minorities Commission Hq., NPP Supremo was special guest...

          Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, a global traveller on peace mission was invited as a special guest on this occasion, on 118th Birthday celebration of Shaheed Udham Singh who had dared take revenge by shooting General Dyre in London in 1940. General Dyre was responsible for the massacre of innocent Indians at Jallianwala in 1919.

          The grand remembrance celebration was organized by Delhi Minorities Commission and Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party President, Shri Rajiv Jolly Khosla moderated the grand conference. Several social, political activists participated. Sardar Kartar Singh Kochhar, Member of the Commission expressed his thanks to the participants whereas Dr.Zafarul-Islam Khan, Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission expressed his happiness that the friends of India had joined hands to make this function a grand success.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his brief address called on the Parliament of India to declare Shaheed Sr. Udham Singh and all other freedom fighters martyred during the freedom struggle as shaheed (martyrs). He also demanded their names to be preserved in prints in front of the Parliament House and all state assembly buildings. Prof.Bhim Singh further urged the Parliament of India to delete a temporary provision (Article 370) from the pages of the Indian Constitution because a temporary provision cannot last for 70 years which has sown only thorns. He said the people of J&K should be identified by the great martyr from J&K namely, Maqbool Sherwani who in October 1947 managed to divert the direction of the invaders from Pak-side and succeeded in creating a situation for the Indian Army to reach Baramulla in time where Brig. Rajender Singh had engaged the invading troops at the skirts of city of Baramulla.

          Prof.Bhim Singh held the Parliament of India responsible for the present mess vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir. He said it is only the Parliament which has failed to integrate (merge) Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country as it happened in respect of 575 States on 26th January, 1950. Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the Delhi Minorities Commission for organizing this day to celebrate 118th birthday of the great patriot, Shaheed Udham Singh.

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