Call on UN Secretary-General to convene urgent meeting of all nuclear powers for complete disarmament  

Call on UN Secretary-General to convene urgent meeting of all nuclear powers for complete disarmament  ...

Call on UN Secretary-General to convene urgent meeting of all nuclear powers for complete disarmament  

          Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Executive Chairman of National State Legal Aid Committee & former Legislator from J&K made an urgent appeal to Mr. Antonio Guteress, the Secretary-General of United Nations to convene a special meeting of all the Member-States of the United Nations having nuclear power under the control of the respective states so that the United Nations shall be in a strategic position to hold control over the growing nuclear strength of the respective states in the United Nations.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that India was one among the Non-Aligned nations which had been actively participating in the movement to control production of nuclear weapons in the interest of world peace and security of the nation. He regretted that Non-Aligned Movement has almost collapsed and its existence is not growing for long. The world has been controlled by opposite blocs with United States of America almost controlling the weapon production which has threatened the world peace. He regretted that United States of America is heading towards dictatorship edging towards the right which is evident from the appointment of a Supreme Court judge by a two-vote margin in the Sennet. The President of USA is also urged to study the consequences of two major World Wars which had almost annihilated one-third of the world in these two wars. NPP Supremo reminded the President of USA that the USA had not experienced the consequences of the wars destruction for geographical and other factors. The nuclear war in future shall not leave an inch of the space in the world from its effects. The nuclear weapons need to be annihilated scientifically and by philosophy of scriptures that are available in the philosophy, teachings and scriptures available in the academic treasures of India. The present war fevers in the East and the West need to be flooded away by the strength of ancient philosophy for peace and brotherhood hidden in the ancient literature—Bhagvad Gita---the Bible, the Holy Quran, the Torat and all connecting literature still available in the East and the West.

          Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the Secretary-General to constitute a committee of small number of the  tallest human beings from the East and the West who are aware of the past and present and may contribute the needful doctrine to ensure new birth of tomorrow—a peaceful world with no weapon, no hatred and welfare of all mankind from all corners of the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh, a postgraduate in Law from London University, a Barrister who travelled around the world on motorcycle (two-wheels) from 1967-1973 about 140 countries on peace mission conveyed to UN Secretary-General that peace is possible and possible only with the cooperation of the East and the West.   

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