CPI(M) Remembers freedom fighter Comrade Promode Dasgupta

Comrade Promode Dasgupta a dedicated Communist...

CPI(M) Remembers Comrade Promode Dasgupta

New Delhi. Communist Party of India (Marxist) remembered Comrade Promode Dasgupta, who played a major role in forging and strengthening the Left Front in West Bengal.

According to party sources Comrade Promode Dasgupta was born on July 7, 1910, in Faridupur district now in Bangladesh. While a student in the Brajmohan College in Barisal (now in Bangladesh) he joined the revolutionary group Anusheelan Samity to fight against British imperialism. Those were the days when the revolutionary youth of Bengal believed that with their individual heroism they can defeat the imperialist rulers and win the country's freedom.

After joining Anusheelan Samity, Comrade Promode shifted his political activities to Calcutta. He was arrested in connection with the famous Machua Bazzar Bomb Case in 1929 along with a number of others like Satish Pakrashi, Sudhansu Dasgupta and Satyabrata Sen. Some of them were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment, while there was not enough evidence to convict Comrade Promode. But he was detained under the Bengal Criminal Law Amendent Act. He was for eight years in various jails in Bengal and in the Deoli detention camp. He was released in 1937.

Comrade Promode earned his membership in the CPI on May 1, 1938, and began working among the dock labour in Calcutta. He worked as the Secretary of the Calcutta District Committee of the Party and was underground for some time during the period of the Second World War. Later he was arrested and was released after the legalisation of the Party in 1942.

It was then that Comrade Promode organised the press of the Bengal Committee of the Party and the publication of its first Bengali Weekly Jan Yudh and later Swadhinata daily. During the attack on the Party in 1948-51 immediately after India attained Independence, Comrade Promode worked underground for some time and was arrested and detained in jail for the rest of the period.

After he came out of jail in 1951, he took a leading part in reorganising the Party in West Bengal and resuming the publication of Swadhinata daily.

Comrade Promode was elected Secretary of the West Bengal State Committee of the Party at the Burdwan State Conference prior to the Sixth Party Congress in Vijayawada in 1961. He remained in that post till his death. He was elected to the National Council of the CPI at the Fifth Amritsar Congress of the Party in 1958 and to its Central Executive Committee in 1961.

Comrade Promode Dasgupta : a dedicated Communist

Comrade Promode Dasgupta was a dedicated Communist who lived the life of a revolutionary facing all difficulties, sufferings and sacrifices for more than five decades. He led the Party in West Bengal through various vicissitudes, defending it in periods of direct attacks as during the years of the semi-fascist terror, while at the same time utilising all the legal opportunities that were available. He played a major role in forging and strengthening the Left Front in West Bengal. He died in Beijing on November 29, 1992.

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