Interfaith Eid Milan organised with screening of ‘India-Pakistan Peace Narratives’

During the program, people not only talked about importance of communal harmony, but also about how youths have a role to play in building an atmosphere of peace and harmony...

Interfaith Eid Milan organised with screening of ‘India-Pakistan Peace Narratives’

Delhi/24 June 2018

An Interfaith Eid Milan program was organised where various eminent persons and many youths participated. During the program, people not only talked about importance of communal harmony, but also about how youths have a role to play in building an atmosphere of peace and harmony within India and in South Asia. On the occasion, a documentary ‘India-Pakistan Peace Narratives’ made by Melton Fellows under ‘Project Narratives’ . Nickhil Sharma who is a Melton fellow and one of the filmmakers who made this documentary, joined the session.

Discussion had eminent voices of Padma Bhushan awardee and Founder Trustee of Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA) Mohini Giri ji who talked about how there is a strong need to build people to people relations all over South Asia.

Dr. Syeda Hameed who had been member of Planning Commission talked about the candle-light initiative that was led by people two decades ago as a ray of hope between two nations India and Pakistan. She called youths to lead the movement of peace through their multiple available ways but with collective strength and full energy.

Dr. Shankar Sanyal who is President of Harijan Sevak Sangh talked about the Gandhian values that need to be taken as a vision for building bonds among people on the basis of humanity and love.

Veena Behen, who is a disciple of Vinob Bhave and Founder of Mahila Chetna Kendra talked about women empowerment and their role in peacebuilding.

Dr. Padma Seth, who is former board member of National Bal Bhavan talked about need to connect multiple ways together to have an impact of the proposed programs.

Eminent peace activist Jatin Desai talked about the need to build relations between India and Pakistan.

Father Pinto talked about the need to build communal harmony and the need to engage young minds with importance of peace.

Prof. Qureshi who is an eminent scholar talked that harmony is very important for any future development. He also offered his full support to youths towards this work.

Eminent activist and Coordinator of Association of Peoples of Asia Ram Mohan Rai talked about the importance of different works that people are doing to have peace and harmony in South Asia. He talked about his recent experiences of Noakhali in Bangladesh and future plans of actions where people can join.

Secretary general of South Asian Fraternity Satyapal talked about how youth camps can be organised as a powerful learning centres to let youths know about each other and each other’s culture.

Chairperson of Mata Seeta Rani Seva Sansthan krishnakanta ji talked that we must focus upon common challenges in South Asia and we should seek actions to overcome these challenges for a social transformation.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti convener Devika Mittal talked about joining hands of more classroom connect programs between India and Pakistan. She also narrated different experiences of such sessions.  Many other eminent persons, youth peace workers, students and young professionals such as Rupika, Pragya, Sanjana, Saurabh, Burmeen, Sadaf, Mohd Shoaib, Taish Potwarai, Haris Kidwai, Deepak Kathuria, Abhishek, Ashish, Dileep, Arvind and many other participated. People from many regions and from all age groups participated. Yousuf Nizami who is a sufi qawaal sung nazms for peace and fraternity to conclude the program.  Few plan of actions was also decided including the one of going to Wagah border with candles on 14-15 August to continue the legacy of peace message that was started by people more than two decades ago.

Organisations who joined hands

Organisations who joined hands in solidarity of this program include Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Aariz Media,Association of People of Asia, Gandhi Global Family, Guild of Service, Hali Panipati Trust, Mission Bhartiyam, National Youth Project, Nirmala Deshpande Sansthan, Project Narratives (Melton Foundation), South Asian Fraternity and Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA)

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