ADHAAR : Is the Government Deceiving the People ?

​​​​​​​A dishonorable government is universally  a grave and constant threat to its people...

Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar Sinha

The post is not on a point on which the government and the opponents of ADHAR differ. Both agree that the data obtained by the UIDAI should not be disclosed as it is private. while the opponents contend that it should not be obtained at all as it is a  violation of one's privacy, the government claims that it is not a violation if it  remains in the hands of  lawful authority and is shared lawfully  with authorized  authorities.

The to  give its verdict on the contentious issue, but there is no dispute regarding unauthorized disclosure of the information obtained by the UIDAI .But despite the government's solemn pledge to protect our privacy by keeping it confidential , the deception of the pledge is public knowledge.

In response to a query under RTI the UIDAI has disclosed that as many as 210 Central and State government departments including educational institutes  had published the  names and addresses of ADHAAR card holders.The UIDAI had them removed.

The UIDAI absolves itself of all responsibility by claiming that the disclosure has not been made by its own agency .The excuse is absolutely lame .The people give their private information including their thumb impression and the photo of their iris etc.

trusting that the UIDAI  would keep them private and ensure the security of their privacy .Now, with the knowledge that not  only  hundreds of government departments are in possession of the data but also  feel free to make the names and addresses of the ADHAAR card holders public , the people have no reason to trust the government's commitment that it would protect their privacy .In fact, the government has  not only been making a false promise of protecting our privacy but has also been bulldozing us into submission by setting the banks ,mobile phone servers and government departments on us .

A dishonorable government is universally  a grave and constant threat to its people .

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