Humanity ashamed, not the people of India! Nation has no sympathy with the peasantry!

Earth day celebrated as the Nation has no sympathy with the peasantry! They represent the Earth under monopolistic racist fascist aggression unabated!...

Palash Biswas

Not very long ago, India remained an agrarian society with agrarian economy. Socialism meant Green Revolution. Irrespective of caste, religion, race, language, region, celebration of life meant a common culture deeply rooted in rural India which was defined as Swraj!But we sacrificed the Agrarian India on the altar of free market economy only 25 years ago and agrarian growth rate reduced to near zero. We wanted a consumer market and a service oriented economy in which the state and the government elected by the people should be managers of the global corporate companies. The task had to accomplish with religious ritual of Vedic racist sacrifice tradition of the caste, class race hegemony ruling India.

Hence, the cashless digital India means ethnic cleansing of the agrarian communities i.e. SC, ST, OBC and minorities the majority rooted in rural India and mass nuclear destruction of rural India to make in an over smart India with readjustment of demography with pure blood.

It is happening and it is systematic strategic selling off the natural resources owned and defended by agrarian communities.

Thus, the ruling class and its policy making governance bodies never care to address the agrarian crisis created by them.

The agrarian crisis rather has become a magical wand with inherent inequality and injustice to sustain the hegemony rule.

We have seen prime ministers belonging to agrarian communities time and again, majority ministers in centre and states, Ms and politicians speaking aloud about the wellness of peasantry who have been blasting the peasantry with their political might.

Earth day celebrated as the Nation has no sympathy with the peasantry! They represent the Earth under monopolistic racist fascist aggression unabated! Those naked peasants on Jantar Mantar and shameless political class and the intelligentsia speaking on earth and environment have not the courage to stand with those naked humanity who feed us with the growth of the soil.Democracy and justice witness ding urine by the helpless producers as the consumers captured everything with their purchasing capacity and the peasantry is subjected to ethnic cleansing!

It seems rather like a magic show to attract the audience as the peasantry has no space to raise their voice. The Jantar Mantar show evented for the media represents the helplessness of the majority Indian citizens belonging to Indian peasantry.

Earth might not sustain itself if the peasantry is killed by the Global order of ethnic cleansing!

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