Sukma Killings : Until you address agrarian crisis, the mourning continues!

Militarization of state might not solve the agrarian crisis and the infinite displacement drive against indigenous communities to eject them out of their forests, home and land with create more extrem...

Palash Biswas

I am shocked by the killing of CRPF jawans who themselves belong to Indian Peasantry. I have been pointing out that military and paramilitary forces have been deployed in Tribal belt to accomplish the task of Salwa Judum to protect the corporate infrastructure to exploit natural resources. It is ironical as the Salwa judum is in itself that the tribal are armed to kill the tribal themselves. The military and paramilitary forces are misused to protect private interests.

The Maoist problem might not be dealt with Notebandi as it had been claimed as the arms used show that Maoists have no dearth of weapons as it had been claimed. Militarization of state might not solve the agrarian crisis and the infinite displacement drive against indigenous communities to eject them out of their forests, home and land with create more extreme format of Maoism as it had been originally known as the thunder of the spring.

It is not an emotional case of patriotism at all. It means agrarian communities have been subjected to monopolistic attack by desi videshi private companies. Simply Indian military and para military forces should not be used to protect corporate interest.

 Without addressing the Agrarian crisis and hearing the voices of the masses under repression, persecution we tend to create many more Kashmir within the border where our forces have to fight against the people of India who have opted for armed struggle against Military state governed by corporate hegemony.

At the same time, the Maoist or Naxals should learn that they might have some ideological cause for this assault but in return they are killing innocent young men in military paramilitary dress who in fact mean to defend the nation and they are not the enemies of the people.

Recently we have witnessed the AGHORI type media attracting naked urine drinking demonstration at Jantar Mantra by the peasants from Tmailnadu with skulls. Those peasants are not Aryans like UP or Maharashtra peasants and they have racially a different look.

I am afraid that the media and intelligentsia have a racist antipathy against them and treated their grievances as political gimmick.

Adivasis from Dantevara or Bastar are also racially different and they have not the NGO or political support to stage similar demonstration in the heart of Indian capital nor do they mean to stage such political drama as they have been closely associated with the nature and never compromised with deshi or videshi ruler. Hence, we have hardly any idea about the tribal psyche which is no less explosive than mines and it is physically exploding time and again.

Our friends expressed pleasure that the magic show ended at Jantar Mantar so that some gentle Aryand politician with their Aryand gentle and civilized supporter might show their strength with their hypocrite ideology.

The centre managed the crisis convincing the Tamilnadu peasants to go back home but the stage is just transferred from New Delhi to Chennai and DMK, the opposition in Tamilnadu has called a Bandh simply because the problem is not addressed at all.

If the political parties speaking and invoking identity emotions resultant hate and violence in so called mainstream politics, how the Maoists might be restrained with military might as the problem is never addressed and the government, politics or society or intelligentsia never care for the tribal people who are ultimate victims!

It is the tragedy of Indian peasantry that they must be killed or whenever they opt for resistance led by some political force or say Maoists they have to kill the sons of the same soil fighting to defend the Nation inflicted by civil war.

I have raised these questions in this video and the mourning continues and I am afraid that we have to continue to lose our dearest ones in this man made calamity infinite as  the Cashless Digital Urban India has not sympathy whatsoever for the Indian peasantry!

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