Cool Breeze from East was felt by Prophet in Jerusalem

Cool Breeze from East was felt by Prophet in Jerusalem Al-Hind has great responsibility to ensure their flow  

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Updated on : 2018-08-21 19:22:46

Cool Breeze from East was felt by Prophet in Jerusalem

Al-Hind has great responsibility to ensure their flow

Bhim Singh,

Sr. Advocate

Chief Patron-JKNPP

“I have been watching comments and political statements from several Kashmiri notables some of them have been and still are my friends on their reactions towards the contents of Article 35(A) in the Constitution of India saying that Article 35(A) is for the prosperity and political protection of the people of J&K. I call on all of them who have become uninvited saviour of draconian law imposed on the Indian citizens in J&K under the cover of Article 35(A). I request all the politicians, my old and new friends from Kashmir also to kindly dig out the history of Article 35(A) to trace the background which led to the illegitimate birth of this Article having no source behind, no history behind, and it was sponsored in 1954 for a purpose to keep away the Indian citizens in J&K from the protection of Fundamental Rights which were guaranteed by the Parliament of India to all its citizens (including J&K) in the Indian Constitution.

Who has created Article 35(A)? What was the constitutional authority of the President of India, even so, to impose a permanent ban on the Fundamental Rights in J&K? How long such an ordinance, even so, could lost? What is the effect of Article 35(A)? How can a Presidential Ordinance lost for 70 years depriving Indian citizens in J&K of their Fundamental Rights?

I request all my friends, with malice to none, that they should study its effects and its implications. What wonders me is that some of those who do not believe in the Constitution of India and have been opposing Constitution of India that even they are supporting ex-rulers of J&K for the protection of Article 35(A). I am prepared to sit with anybody, discuss with anybody and way out the consequence of a draconian law in J&K born under Article 35(A) to discuss. This is absolutely mischievous propaganda by political dragons that 35(A) if demolished shall take away their rights guaranteed to the citizens in J&K under Maharaja’s State Subject Laws. Article 35(A) has nothing to do with the rights guaranteed to the people of J&K by the Maharaja in 1927.

I urge that the power hungry politicians should for a change think of the future of J&K and the people of J&K. Don’t they like that we in J&K should also share the fruits of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution. The Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Maharaja are unshakeable. This is my message and warning for all.”


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