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sabrimala shrine and women’s entry
Sabrimala Shrine and Women’s Entry

Today the Sabrimala judgment is a matter of debate between those aspiring for equality and those sticking to age old customs, which have women’s ...

राम पुनियानी
2018-10-13 21:55:40
105 years of indian cinema  third cinema in crisis
105 Years of Indian Cinema : Third Cinema in Crisis

This lack of access and unavailability of such iconic films led to the birth of the film society movement in India in the early 1950's.

Aurobindo Ghose
2018-10-13 21:20:39
2018 assembly elections  a preface to lok sabha polls congress is in the winning race     
2018 Assembly elections : A preface to Lok Sabha polls, congress is in the winning race     

BSP’s non-companionship will have no affects on congress.

अतिथि लेखक
2018-10-10 18:28:53
need for reconciliation with justice  babri demolition and aftermath
Need for Reconciliation with Justice : Babri Demolition and aftermath

Need for Reconciliation with Justice : Babri Demolition and aftermath

राम पुनियानी
2018-10-10 10:37:33
remembering manyawar kanshiram
Remembering Manyawar Kanshiram

He was the man who revitalized the Ambedkarite movement in North India.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-10-09 18:25:12
a call for comprehensive agrarian reform
A call for Comprehensive Agrarian Reform

he Indian state promised that there are three ways to 'empower' the people from these segments. The first one was political representation in the...

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-10-05 13:03:29
islamophobia a deliberate plot by the ruling class
Islamophobia: A Deliberate Plot by the Ruling Class

Islamophobia is a deliberate plot by the monopoly capitalists, their state machinery, intelligence, NGOs, billions of money, media, social media ...

Gp Capt KK Singh
2018-10-05 12:23:40
rss conclave attempt to put old wine in a new bottle
RSS Conclave: Attempt to put old Wine in a new Bottle?

This Conclave and the notion that RSS is changing has got wide attention from all quarters and created wild speculation but this is not the first...

नेहा दाभाड़े
2018-10-04 22:51:59
here is why improved forecasts are not helping prevent floods and droughts
Here is why improved forecasts are not helping prevent floods and droughts

A systematic evaluation of the perception of forecast accuracy among engineers and managers who make decisions and uncertainty on dam operations ...

2018-10-02 17:49:36
on gandhi jayanti  his strength in speaking the truth
On Gandhi Jayanti : His strength in speaking the truth.

Gandhi has devotees and detractors both. Many people love his 'spiritualism' but in the Congress party those days many did not agree with his 'sp...

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-10-02 12:07:48
hum ladenge saathi  statement of an urban naxal
HUM LADENGE SAATHI : Statement of an Urban Naxal

HUM LADENGE SAATHI : Statement of an Urban Naxal

हस्तक्षेप डेस्क
2018-10-01 23:03:44
remembering brutal kharilanji killings
Remembering brutal Kharilanji killings

The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court did not agree with the special court order which had granted death penalty to six culprits. The high co...

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-09-30 22:02:10
d y chandrchud will definitely go down in the history of modern india a valiant stand of judiciary
D Y Chandrchud will definitely go down in the history of modern India a valiant stand of judiciary

The linking of Aadhaar number with PAN and for the filing of Income Tax Return will now be mandatory though we hope that would also be challenged...

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-09-27 10:37:39
respect rights of individuals choices
Respect rights of individual's choices

Two tweets are related to the case in Hyderabad where Madhavi, the young girl from goldsmith family (jaati) and her husband Sandeep Dilda, a Dali...

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-09-24 22:55:42
republic of caste supremacists
Republic of Caste supremacists

Murder to protect caste pride

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
2018-09-17 23:51:26
if nampi narayanan was a muslim would he have got justice
If Nampi Narayanan was a Muslim, would he have got justice?

Abdul Nasar Maudany has faced much more human rights violations than Nampi Narayanan.

अतिथि लेखक
2018-09-16 11:15:50
a mature response from chandrashekhar azad
A mature response from Chandrashekhar Azad

Shabbirpur's incidents and Ravan's subsequent jail also exposed the BSP's dilemma in the region when it is trying to attract other caste votes.

हस्तक्षेप डेस्क
2018-09-15 10:54:39
there is no refugee crisis there is only a crisis of humanity
There is No Refugee Crisis. There is Only a Crisis of Humanity

The battle for Idlib will displace many Syrians, who will likely head towards the Turkish border. There are already about 3.5 million refugees in...

हस्तक्षेप डेस्क
2018-09-15 10:36:07