A way of life : Hinduism's versus Hindutwa's

The freedom of thought and expression, tolerance and the other values defined Hinduism's way of life . The RSS-BJP categorically and Rightly assert that their Hindutwa has nothing to do with Hinduism...

Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar Sinha

One is a Hindu by birth. No rite is required to be performed to make him a full fledged Hindu. He may believe in God or may not believe in God. He may refuse to visit a temple or perform POOJA. He may criticize or condemn Hindu gods and goddesses and yet remain a Hindu. It is very different in Islam and Christianity.

You cannot remain a Muslim if you do not believe in the Quuran and Allah or believe in any other god except Allah.

In Christianity also you have to  go through Baptism. you may even be ex-communicated for certain un Christian acts.

In Hinduism,religious and social values are transmitted from generation to generation in the family through mythology and the stories of icons from the past like that of Satya Harishchandra, Danveer Karn, Dharmraj Yudhishtir, Maryadapurush  Ram and many others.

A Hindu is taught to be kind, compassionate, to be generous, sacrificing, free from anger, vengeance and greed etc.*

These values influenced the life of the people in ancient times .

Freedom of thought and expression allowed Charvak to propagate his atheist philosophy, allowed Budhdha to revolt against Sanatan Dharm and convert Hindus to Buddhism - the religion he founded, and Adi Shankaracharya to established  his philosophy throughout India by Sastrarth /debate only.

The freedom of thought and expression, tolerance and the other values defined Hinduism's way of life .

The RSS-BJP categorically and Rightly assert that their Hindutwa has nothing to do with Hinduism, which is a religion.

They emphatically assert that their Hindutwa is only 'A WAY OF LIFE ', which should be followed by Indians regardless of their religion .But there is no literature to tell us what the way of life called Hindutwa is .So, the only source of knowledge and information regarding Hindutwa as a way of life is the conduct of the practitioners of  Hindutwa: the RSS, BJP and the other members of the Sangh Pariwar like Bajarang Dal, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad.Vishwa Hindu Parishad etc.

Hindutwa as a 'way of life ' was in operation during the riots of 2002 in Gujarat under Modi.P.M. Vajpayee found it against 'Raj Dharm'.

It was in operation when Akhlaq was lynched in UP and Pehlu Khan in Rajasthan.

It  has been in operation when JNU was attacked and when Kanhaiya Kumar and the others were attscked in the court in Delhi by the Hindutwa lawyers and goons .

The Hindutwa brigade attacked Ramjas College and many other institutions.

The Hindutwa brigade breaks meetings , indulges in vandalisation of meetings expressing opinions they consider wrong. They beat up the people they disapprove of .They are prompt in asking any Indian to go to Pakistan if they do not like what he says .

They choose as C.M. a person who exhorts his followers to dig Muslim women from the grave and rape them and has been declaring that if they ( the Muslims ) kill one we would kill 100. Their  Ministers and leaders have been making statements calculated to create communal tension and riots .

Let us agree for the sake of argument that Akhlaq was cooking beef, that Pehlu Khan was taking the cattle to slaughter, that anti-national speeches were made at JNU and Ramjas College, that such anti -national acts occurred at other places also , but did the occurrences give the Hindutwa brigade the right to kill, vandalise , beat and perpetrate other such crimes in the country ? Just because the Hindutwa Brigade is in power, do its affiliates have become a law unto themselves and have become entitled to  assume the power of life and death over the people of India ?


*Nothing said here should be understood to imply or state that Hinduism is an ideal religion and is free from injustice .

#Does the Hindutwa concede other organisations the same  right to kill and beat them if they also consider the Hindutwa  anti-national? Or the right to decide what is anti-national and award punishment  or is it the monopoly of  only the Hindutwa Brigade?

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