Digital India has destroyed my peace of mind

Gp Capt KK Singh

Gp Capt KK Singh

Digital India has destroyed my peace of mind. Its impossible to talk without multi call drops, shouting & screaming, running out of flat!

Transmission power has been reduced, while number of mobiles have increased! MTNL/BSNL towers have been 'gifted' to the private operators by their proxy government, whom they had earlier ensured victory through Billions worth money and their owned media (Not sold media & Social Media trolls as well) propaganda!

Yes, the mobile operators are making huge profit. You may call it monopoly capitalism, crony capitalism (AAP is busy curing & reforming it & calls it a 'political revolution has begun'), imperialist capitalism (Whole government has bowed in to Abe, Xi, Trump as if he is our feudal lord or god's own ....), state capitalism, fascism/nazism (form of capitalism only) or by any other name, but my peace is lost?

Are you in peace? If not, what is to be done? I have lodged 100s of complain, including personal visits but only to hear, give us time, have patience, will do something.

Some say plead/beg to the government, it will do something, like some soldiers are begging for OROP (Not me or my friends at JM, for more than 823 days) and have high hopes with the new Defense Minister, like we had earlier with former DMs, who left us in lurch!

Even, RSS ABVP, BMS doing same.

Or take Sanyas? Moh Maya (Worldly lust) is chain/bondage/slavery & teach the same to the Billions of suffering humans. Pray to nincompoop god!

Friends, nothing is working. But I know, world is changing, which is perceptible. So, do I rise in revolt with millions of other toiling masses to change the base, the mother of all evils, which is giving birth to unemployment, the criminal parasites and has enslaved us bodily and mentally?"


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