Digital India under worldwide ransomed cyber-attack rooted in US Security agency!

Liberal Democrats blaming the crisis on the government's failure! But Indian politics crying for EVM fraud has nothing to do with digital fraud all around....


Indian companies and governments suffer and citizens lose their data deposit, Information supressed!

Palash Biswas

Every citizen or every human being has to pay for their digital consumer mobile network which is under continuous attack and you may not defend yourself as Digital India denies you the right to privacy and right to your biometric data which has been stored in government and private computer network subjected to continuous cyber-attacks and fraud. Just because the workers must die for sake of capital gain, Sensex boom for the ruling caste class hegemony, just because the generations next have to be deprived of employment for privatization, disinvestment and automation at grass root level, just because natural resources owned by the people and the nation have to be handed over to corporate companies and at the same time you lose the right to life and property.

I just visited an Apollo medicine outlet to get Insulin for my wife. She has an Apollo card and I asked for discount. The workers informed that their network is under worldwide cyber-attack ransom ware.

India is also under attack and we may not know about the infliction. As is happened with Banking cards which have been cloned, duplicated and hijacked for a long period and Indian Banks did not lodge any FIR. They have to pay only a small amount of insurance money but the citizens having bank account have to lose all of their earning and savings. Who cares?

Even the 130 million AAdahar and Bank account leakage were justified as the government of India declared that the citizens have no right on their biometric data and physical integrity.

What is the threat to a country like India?

As India goes increasingly digital, our vulnerability as well as the resultant impact increase too.

For instance, a ransom ware attack can easily hold a service like the Delhi Metro or a power utility to ransom, quite literally.

Also, the fact that a lot of what we have online is now also connected to the Aadhar data of over a billion Indians makes the threat even more real and worrisome.

It is the scenario of good days ahead heralding technological infinite. We miss opposition or resistance whatsoever or the basic understand of this digital, E-tailing, networking disaster!

For an instance, in England, the cyber-attack that disrupted NHS systems and forced operations to be cancelled throughout the UK on Saturday has become a bitterly contested election issue, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats blaming the crisis on the government's failure! But Indian politics crying for EVM fraud has nothing to do with digital fraud all around.

Indian politics has nothing to do for the safety, security, freedom and integrity of the nation and its citizens and it has never opposed digital ethnic cleansing and never would just because the political class is all about billionaires and millionaires and it never represents the taxpayers and citizens of India.

 What if Friday's global cyber-attack on businesses, universities, and health systems has reached new size, with large institutions and security experts hurrying to address a breach that has now affected nearly 100 countries including India, Strategic partner of United States of America, Britain and Israel in America`s war against terror, the mother of terrorism, war and civil war, cyber-crimes!

Mind you, Security researchers with Kaspersky Lab have recorded more than 45,000 attacks in 99 countries including India! Latest estimates have suggested up to 75,000 individuals across nearly 100 countries were affected by the massive cyber-attack that locked down computers and demanded a ransom. The assault, which began Friday and was being described as the biggest-ever cyber ransom attack, struck state agencies and major companies around the world—from Russian banks and British hospitals to FedEx and European car factories.

A total of 48 of England's NHS trusts were hit by Friday's cyber-attack, but only six are not yet back to normal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said.

We never know the status in India! While globally organisations like UK's National Health Services (NHS) and companies like Renault, fedex and Telefonica have come out and announced they were hit but no Indian company has come out and announced that their PCs were compromised.

It is alarming. Digital network is hijacked time and again. Indian companies have been hit in this recent attack. There has been an exponential rise in ransom ware cases in the last one year.

It should be kept in mind that Today, cybercriminals have become extremely tech savvy, and each ransom ware has its own unique way of encrypting...

Thus, another major cyber-attack could be imminent after Friday's global hit that infected more than 125,000 computer systems, security experts have warned.

Earlier 130 million Aadhar and Bank accounts ‘data have been leaked. ATM, DEBIT Credit card pns were stolen. Deposit in Bank Account is no more safe irrespective of the Banking Security System as it is linked to Aaadhar which is the gateway of all cyber fraud as privacy and secret about every citizen has been subjected to ransome just to kill the working class with Automation tool.

Mind you, ID project is originally a Nato Plan to ensure surveillance of every human being to defend US corporate and strategic interest all on the name of America`s war against Terror which justifies monopolistic aggression against humanity and nature worldwide.

Latest worldwide cyber-attack roots in US Security agency. Like all malware, ransom ware too exploits vulnerabilities in operating systems. Strangely, in this instance, the hackers could have used the ‘Eternal Blue hacking weapon’ created by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) to gain access to Microsoft Windows computers used by terror outfits and enemy states.

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