India's Foreign Policy Failure

India's closeness to the US, especially, its policy on the South China Sea has led to increased antagonism with our largest neighbour....

Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar sinha

Our foreign policy is in a shambles, especially, with respect to our neighbours.It is primarily due to Modi's inferiority complex and his mistaken belief that he is an expert of everything including foreign policy.His belief that he can befoul the heads of the governments by a false and deceptive bonhomie has led India to isolation and ridicule. His deep inferiority complex makes him hug the heads of the foreign  governments not realising that it repulses   most of them.Physical closeness to strangers is abhorred by many societies.The vulgarity of his behaviour was most disgusting when he was seen strutting with President Obama in a vulgar expensive coat  (he  could not afford and which was  donated to him by some Sethji ) with his name embroidered all over, and addressing him as Barak as if he were his childhood buddy.His ignorance of diplomacy led him to invite Nawaz Sharif to what to his inferior mind was his coronation and not  a routine  oath taking ceremony.The same complex led him to fly to Lahore on an hour's notice to enjoy Sharif's birthday party and the engagement ceremony of his niece or some such relation.The Foreign Minister is in news only for occasionally helping someone in distress and never for what  she has been appointed to do.The only time she was in news as the Foreign Minister of India was when she made a 'Pairvi ' to the High Commissioner of U.K. to allow Lalit Modi, the fugitive, to visit some European country reversing the earlier  stand of the GOI.

The result of his replacing India's diplomacy by his own blundering ways has made India pay a heavy price.Sri Lanka has handed over a port to China giving it a permanent base making India vulnerable.Maldives, a tiny country in our neighbourhood, has decided to sign Free Trade Agreement with China and is openly hostile to India .Sri Lanka is also negotiating an FTA with China though it had been hostile to Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with India.

Nepal has not been favourably inclined to India, and now it has a  Pro-China government.Indian media, which are governed by their owners, who in league with Modi, have been throwing dust in our eyes to prevent us from viewing the truth and been concealing the reality of  our relationship with China.

China has been going ahead with its plan on Doklam, but we are being told that China has backed off.She is not only engaged in building the road, but has issued a statement that India should learn a lesson from Doklam.

China has been allowed to flood India with its goods.It exports nearly 4 lac crore worth of Chinese goods while it imports goods worth 70 thousand crore only  from India.It continues its close relation with Pakistan and its policy of encircling India.

India's closeness to the US, especially, its policy on the South China Sea has led to increased antagonism with our largest neighbour.

If China remains hostile, India must forget its dream of becoming  a permanent member of the Security Council or NSG. The uncalled for invitation to Sharif to his coronation and his flying to his birthday party have not improved our relation with Pakistan. If anything, it had got worse even during Sharif's days as P.M. and is likely get worse with his departure.

The much publicised 'surgical strike' might have added to Modi's support in the country but has cost the lives of our soldiers in hundreds and worsened our relation with Pakistan.

The apologists of Modi immediately jump to explain the reasons for the pathetic state of our foreign policy, but they forget that the job of a leader is to succeed where we cannot see a way out and not  to explain the causes of his failure.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can explain his failure and may be excused because he is not a leader. But a leader cannot be allowed to get away with an explanation of his failures  as  he is a leader because he is expected to succeed where the others will fail.

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