Modi, the Supremo of Corruption

​​​​​​​Modi has shamelessly legalized corruption...

Prabhakar Sinha

Modi has shamelessly legalized corruption

Prabhakar Sinha

Modi had been one of the most determined protector of corruption in the country.  He is pursuing a two- pronged  approach to protect and promote corruption : the first to dispense with or weaken  the watchdog  bodies against corruption and the second  to make it legal. As the Chief Minister  of Gujarat, he fought tooth and nail to prevent the appointment of the Lok Ayukt following the end of the Lok Ayukt's term in 2003.  He continued to block the appointment by not recommending any person for the appointment as he was unable to get a pliant person of his choice  recommended.

When Gujarat remained without a Lok Ayukt for 8 years, the name of Justice R..A.Mehta was recommended by the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, who was an ex-officio member of the Selection Committee. The Governor, Kamala Beniwal appointed him. Modi challenged the appointment and the case went up to the Supreme Court. 

The apex court upheld the appointment. Justice Mehta, a judge of unimpeachable integrity, refused to join the post disgusted with the lowly conduct of the lowly Chief Minister. Seizing the opportunity with swiftness, Modi amended the Lok Ayukt Act (in 2013) and made the Chief Minister (i. e. himself ) the Chairperson of the Selection Committee. The other members were the Speaker of the Assembly, a Minister, the leader of the opposition, Vigilance Commissioner and a judge to be nominated by the Chief Justice. Thus, a Committee comprising thieves ( except the judge ) was empowered to appoint the Lok Ayukt, whose job was to catch thieves and prevent thieving of public money.

As Prime Minister,  he has been dragging his feet on the appointment of the Lok Pal taking shelter behind a technical point. The Act provides that the Leader of Opposition in Parliament will be one of the members of the Selection Committee. Since no party has 10% of the total strength of  Lok Sabha ( with a total strength of 542 ) required to be the Leader of Opposition, there is no Leader of Opposition at present.

The government contended in the Supreme Court in a case that it was unable to appoint the Lok Pal as there was no Leader of Opposition. It informed the court that a bill had been introduced to amend the Act to replace the Leader of Opposition by the leader of the largest party, But the court has directed the Union Government to go ahead with the appointment without the Leader of Opposition.

The apex court was aware of  his conduct as moving heaven and hell to prevent the appointment of the Lok Ayukt in Gujarat. The judges must have been aware of repeated promulgation (3 times ) of an Ordinance favoring the big business  who had financed his election campaign and other fancies and unfulfilled desires  (such as  expensive clothes including his notorious coat and affordable expensive habits ).The Ordinance was to replace the existing Act which was a red rag to the big business.  His excuse must have appeared  laughable  as even a child knows that the expression 'the Leader of Opposition ' could have been replaced by 'the leader of the largest party 'by an ordinance to which no one could have objected.

Taking inspiration from a Sanskrit Shlok 'EK LAJJAM PARITAJYE SARV VIJAYEE BHAWET (just by getting rid of sense of shame, you can win the world ), Modi has shamelessly legalized corruption.

It is an open secret that the political parties depend on the funds received from big business /corporations. The transaction is mostly  in black money except a small portion which is legally received.

The Companies Act,2013 had provided that contribution  to the political parties from the corporate houses and business houses should not be more than 7.5 per cent of the company's income. The law also made it mandatory for the companies to declare in their account the amount paid and also to disclose the party/parties receiving the contribution.


Now, the corporate and business houses are free  to give unlimited amounts  to political parties  in complete SECRECY. Though all political parties are the same in this game, but so far we had no P.M. who was so completely devoid of  shame. They could not completely shed their sense of shame   and go the whole hog as Narendra Modi has done. Modi could do it because he never had a sense of shame and feels that democracy is a stumbling block  in his Mission Fascism. So, one more nail in democracy's coffin is one step forward.

* All political parties in the power politics are on the same page.

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