Mutual Respect or Co-respective Behaviour is at Core of Vitality, Unity, Peace and Progress of any Society

Aurobindo Ghose

Aurobindo Ghose

I am an atheist. I live in a multi-religious, multi-lingual, multi-cultural society. I frequently use the terms 'God willing' or 'Insallah' or 'Bhagabaner Ichhe' or 'Bhagwan chahe to' in common conversation with people belonging to different communities, gender, caste or creed and speaking different languages.

To me all these terms mean the same thing, i.e. ' In case the material facts and circumstances permit'. However, as language is the means of communication, I use such terms as people most easily understand. Similar, is the portent of usage of terms of greetings or salutation such as 'Namaskar' or 'Pranam' or 'Salaam ale kum' or 'Ram Ram' or 'Jai Bhim' or ' Jai Phule' or 'Johar' or even 'Lal Salaam' depending on the nature of the gathering or congregation.

I feel that, irrespective of differences in culture, beliefs, views, opinions and manners, mutual respect or co-respective behavour is at the core of the health, vitality, unity, peace and progress of any society. Of course, this is not so simple and change of parameter and variable may make the matter or situation more complex. As to the place, position and role of religion in a society, this requires a separate discussion.

( Text by Aurobindo Ghose )

Prof. Harbans Mukhia comments below :

"So true! Words, greetings, slogans have all borne different meanings in different contexts. Any or all of these are open to mobilisation bearing different meanings. Religion too has the same ambivalence. It can be mobilised for extremist assaults on other religions or as liberation theology. I am a devout atheist, but wouldn't damn anyone else for being devoutly religious(which I once did!). It is the context that is decisive."

Shoukat Ali Shah also commented :

"the vibes r the same n highly admirable.i am also product of a progressive family .the narrative hs been deliberately changed since world became unipolar to facilitate the implementation of NWO, to allow 1 % elite class to rule the rest of humanity n religion hs been made a tool to touch raw emotions n achieve the objective .in fact religion is being misused to give world a brutal thrust to medieval ages"

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