Vote in Karnataka : Siddharammaiya is the best choice to protect India from the Hindutva menace

Whether you want a manuwawadi India or a manavavadi ( humanist) India, it is your choice Karnataka. Your vote matters as it will define all of us and not merely Karnataka....

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Karnataka has already started voting. This is an important election whose impact would be felt nationally and influence the politics for 2019 general election. The campaign saw first kind of language from those in power. Lies and deceits are part of the Hindutva agenda. The system is being misused by them to divide further and consolidate a few groups to win election. Muscle, money and media power is being used. The corrupt are giving license to others about honesty. The communal is speaking about secularism of others. BJP's use of media, and money power is visible. Today, opposition is not merely fighting against the government but the entire media has been placed in the service of Narendra Modi and his Hindutva teams. At the social media, they want to regulate but their trolls, who abuse and insult women are roaming free. Not a single word from those who speak about Indian culture, respecting women and more. Your daily dose of respecting Dr Ambedkar also reflect in your work where your chelas have been targeting Dalits everywhere and no action against these goons. The contempt towards Dalit has gone to a new level. Now, historical wrongs are justified through various lies. Minorities will live in perpetual distress and a state which should have been protecting them is actually openly and unashamedly targeting them.

The new Hindutva arrogance is that they feel 'intellectually' 'superior' to others. They consider they have got all the 'knowledge' to befool people. The very thought that people are foolish and can be fooled all the time can be made from their entire campaign in Karnataka when rather than touching the issues concerning the people, they continue to bring Tipu Sultan, Sita Mata, Janakpuri, Hindu culture, Italian mother, mother tongue of Sonia Gandhi. The C grade social media group of the BJP has been posting absolutely filthy tweets about the opponents. The Prime Minister and his team of demagogues don’t want any opposition in the country. Their target might be the Congress because it is the largest party of the country spread across the country but at the end of the day they wish to finish everyone else.

Unfortunately, a large part of the opposition still suffers from anti-congress phobia of the 1960s and 1970s. Some want to make equal distance but the fact is none of parties have spell out their agenda openly, their policies towards the Dalits, adivasis and minorities. We feel that people should vote to parties who are in a position to defeat BJP but that would not be the criteria. In the coming days we will have to develop a people's agenda and seek answers from those who oppose BJP as what is their thought on that.

The damages that the Modi led government has done to institutions in India will take a lot of time to rebuild and a strong check and balance system. For it, we will need people of impeccable credibility. Our request to opposition parties is not to try to weaken others. Do not field candidate where you do not exist. We know it is a tough task but that is the right strategy. Once you have democratic polity and an independent government, you can do it. This is a nation building exercise.

Karnataka have two main players. The Congress and the discredited BJP. There is a Janata Dal-BSP alliance too. Despite Devegowda's promise not to ally with BJP, we have known the track record of Gowda family. Ideological strength has never been part of the family. How to survive in politics is the idea. Secondly, those who want to project Gowda as leader of OBC or pro Dalits seems to forget that Voklingas are one of the most powerful communities. The Congress had S M Krishna. Please check their record, both Gowda and Krishna and their speeches and show where have they spoken about OBCs and its reservation. In fact, the damage done to reservation was maximum during Devegowda's prime ministership when the circular related to reservation on promotion were denied. Many people felt that Lingayat community seeking a separate identity has become pro Dalits which is wrong. Political calculations one side, all these communities still the mind of being superior to other or different than others. India's biggest crisis is that Savarnas here feel that they are 'unique' species. Everybody wants to look 'distinct. We don’t know whether ploy to provide Lingayat a separate identity would work or not. There may be a clandestine understanding two powerful castes of Voklingas and Lingayats to deny space to Siddharammaiya, belonging to shepherd, a pastoralist-community.

We feel that Karnataka under Siddharammaiya is the best choice to protect India from the Hindutva menace. He has shown tremendous statesmanship in dealing with the campaign that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah unleashed there. Over the period of time, Rahul Gandhi too has shown a great statesmanship and good that he refused to join debate with BJP on their issues. It is important that political leaders speak of their voice. The mocking of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi continued. That apart, Modi has not come out of the Nehru Phobia and it look as if all the Hindutva people have Nehruvian dreams all the time. The Prime minister would do well to focus on his work and let Nehru suffer in ignominy. Thanks to the Sangh Parivar and Narendra Modi, Nehru's books are selling in hot cake and everybody want to read as what was it that the current regime is most afraid of.

Nehru was a statesman, a great world leader and if somebody has an idea that he is better than him, then it is important for the man to prove it. If Narendra Modi has a chance, he should read, Nehru's letter to the chief ministers during his prime ministership and he will realise that it is the ideas that makes a man. Thankfully, it was Nehru's solid foundation that we still have the democracy unlike any of our neighbours where it is still very fragile.

So, Karnataka will vote today as what kind of India it wants. An India where your choices to eat food, to wear kind of cloths, to marry, to go to school should be determined by the sword wielding gaurakshaks or those who will follow the preamble of Indian constitution and rule of law as defined by it. The choice is ours. We hope people of Karnataka will keep in mind the things that this election is the most important one before 2019 and their decision will definitely influence the verdict elsewhere in the coming days. Karnataka people will have to speak up whether they want an inclusive government or a government whose minister spent their time on babas, bhut pret, raja maharaja, cow urine, and internet in Mahabharata, plastic surgery of Ganeshji, Jinnah or Pakistan.

Whether you want a manuwawadi India or a manavavadi ( humanist) India, it is your choice Karnataka. Your vote matters as it will define all of us and not merely Karnataka.

Good Wishes,

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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