Why are the Sangh and Its Progeny Anti-National Nationalists ?

This explains why the RSS hated Gandhi. Subhash and all freedom fighters and did not join the independence movement....

Prabhakar Sinha


Prabhakar Sinha

The Sangh and its progeny do not intend to hurt India. On the contrary, their intention is to serve the nation after their conception of the 'national interest' and their method to to accomplish it.

It is their idea of the national interest, which is against the Interest of modern India.

It is in this sense that they are 'Anti-national Nationalists'.Just as a person may be a prisoner of his root and culture (Janma aur Sanskar) in the same way, an organisation may remain a prisoner of its origin and culture and may not be free from it for centuries.

An example of such a person may be found in a die hard casteist who continues to live in his centuries old world of the past.

He is a dangerous relic of the past fouling the present.The same is true of the RSS and its progeny.

The RSS was born in 1925 in hatred and hostility. Its declared aim was not to join the National Movement against the British, but to oppose 'the yavan -snakes (Muslims ), who, reared on the milk of non -cooperation, were provoking riots in the nation with their poisonous hissing.'

Their single agenda was to fight and kill the Muslims. To them, independence of India was not in India's national interest. They treated freedom movement as 'untouchable' and kept a safe distance from it. In fact, they hated the freedom fighters and called them 'traitors*'.

It is a shameful opportunism for them to eulogise Gandhiji, Patel, Netaji, Bhagat Singh or any other leader of the freedom movement now. An organisation formed with the sole purpose of fighting and rioting must adore muscle power and love bloodshed, and if its sole source of inspiration is its hatred for some community it must remain narrow in its vision .Its original hatred for the minorities was made more pronounced by the next head of the RSS Sar Sangh Sanchalak M. S. Golwarkar.He exhorted the Hindus in the following words :

"Hindus, dont waste your energy by fighting the British. Save it to fight the internal enemies that are Muslims, Christians and Communists." The hatred for the Communists was borrowed from Hitler, who hated the Communists. Golwakar admired Hitler for the 'final solution 'of the Jewish problem* and saw in it the possible solution to the minority problem in India . Hitler had massacred 25 lakh Jews, who were German citizens. The hatred for the minorities continued to be encouraged by him, which was greatly intensified during the partition of India and widespread riots that followed. Golwakar had already begun to dream of a Hindu Rashtra 'in which the Muslims and Christians might be allowed to live if they paid obeisance to Hindus..

He did not accept that they had the same right to live in India as the Hindus. It was for the fulfillment of his cherished dream of such a Hindu Rashtra that the Jan Sangh was formed in 1951. The BJP is the descendant of the Jan Sangh, which was a progeny of the RSS. A hatred for the minorities, resorting to violence to subjugate their opponents, love for rioting, shedding the blood of the minorities, refusal to accept the minorities as an equal Indian citizen are in the gene of the Sangh Pariwar. It is also their 'Sanskar.' In their heart of hearts, the Sangh and its progeny BJP continue to cherish their dream of a Hindu Rashtra and emotionally hate the constitution, which is a bulwark against their anti-national dream.

The alarm raised on the slightest rise in the population of Muslims, the Ghar Wapasi programme, the rioting against the minorities, exhortation to the Hindu women to produce at least four children to counter the slight rise in the Muslim population, use of muscle power to suppress any voice of dissent in books or expressed at meetings, the sinister attempt to subjugate the universities by foisting one of their own men as the head, the use of violence by its student and other organisations to silence the dissenting voice of the students and spewing venom against secularism are the manifestation of the Sangh Pariwar's genetic malignancy ( cancer ).

Their idea of nationalism, which is essentially anti-national and suicidal, is not motivated by a desire to harm India, but to help it.But due to their genetically diseased vision of nationalism they are mistaking a poison for a medicine.

# It is not suggested that the Muslims did not indulge in rioting and the allegation is wholly unfounded.

* "We repeat ; in Hindustan the land of the Hindus lives and should live the Hindu Nation -satisfying al the five essential requirement of the scientific nation concept of the modern world. Consequently, only those movements are truly 'National' as aim at rebuilding, revitalizing and emancipating from the present stupor, the Hindu Nation. Those only are nationalist patriots, who with the aspiration to glorify the Hindu race and Nation next to their heart, are prompted into activity and strive to achieve that goal. ALL OTHERS POSING TO BE PATRIOTS AND WILLFULLY INDULGING IN A COURSE OF ACTION DETRIMENTAL TO THE HINDU NATION ARE TRAITORS AND ENEMIES TO THE NATIONAL CAUSE OR TO TAKE A MORE CHARITABLE VIEW IF UNINTENTIONALLY, AND LED INTO SUCH A COURSE, A MERE SIMPLETON, MISGUIDED IGNORANT FOOLS."

(From Golwakar's We or Our Nationhood Defined )

This explains why the RSS hated Gandhi. Subhash and all freedom fighters and did not join the independence movement.

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