Ask the family of the surviving children what they think of Dr Kafeel's removal for saving their children from certain death. ...

Prabhakar Sinha


Prabhakar Sinha

Dr Kafeel, whose drive and initiative saved the life of many children from certain death, has been removed from his position for reasons not known. However, he has received the admiration and regard of the nation and has been acclaimed by the people as a hero. But some elements, who could not digest the acclaim accorded to him, have given the information to the media that he was engaged in private practice and was also accused in a case of rape or attempted rape to tarnish his image and offer justification to the shabby, treatment given to him.

The information may or may not be true, but let us accept it as true for a while and then consider the action against him in its light.

Government doctors doing private practice is a well-known phenomenon and is in the know of the public and the authorities. Dr Kafeel was doing what the other doctors in the state have been doing. The case against him was not a secret either. But these did not stand in the way of his performing his duties as a child specialist at the BRD Medical College. Ironically, it was his running his own private nursing home which kept him in contact with the suppliers of oxygen, who supplied the oxygen at the odd hours of the night due to which several children certain to die survived. Ask the family of the surviving children what they think of Dr Kafeel's removal for saving their children from certain death. They are grateful and so are we who value his contribution as great !

If action had been taken against all doctors doing private practice, no exception should have been made of Dr Kafeel, but singling him out smacks of being motivated by the congenital hatred of Yogi Adityanath for the Muslims. He was arrested for inciting anti-Muslim riots in Gorakhpur in 2007 when he had to spend two weeks in jail. He could not be prosecuted for his crimes because Akhilesh Yadav favored him by sitting on the request for his prosecution. Now, that he is himself the C.M. he has rejected the request for his prosecution, but the opposite party has moved the High Court against his order to reject the permission for his own prosecution.

Adityanath never kept his hatred for Muslims either secret or private. He exhorted his Hindu followers at public meetings in the following words, "DIG THE BODIES OF MUSLIM WOMEN FROM THE GRAVE AND RAPE THE CORPSES. "IF THEY TAKE ONE ( HINDU WOMAN ), WE SHALL TAKE HINDERED. "IF THEY KILL ONE (HINDU ), WE SHALL KILL HUNDRED." *

These are the words of a Hindu Yogi, who is the Mahanth of a centre of Hindu religion.

It is almost impossible to believe that such a man can do justice to a Muslim, the office of a Chief Minister or humanity. But the office of the C..M. warrants that its occupant acts with fairness, propriety and decency even if he is not human fair and decent. Yogi has let the office of the Chief Minister down in dealing with Dr Kafeel. Dr Kafeel deserved kudos not kicks.

*The facts regarding Yogi Adityanath may be verified from Google

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