Modi is out to sell our democfacy to the rich - His paymasters

Modi is out to provide the last nail in our democracy's coffin to make it serve the rich and himself without fear or shame....

Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar Sinha

It is universally accepted that the rich are a threat to democracy. It is not their villainy. It is just that like everyone else they also want to promote their interest, which can be done only at the cost of the common man, who is poor or not very rich. To protect the interest of the common man, all genuine democracies make laws to restrict the donation from the rich to political parties. They also enact laws to make the income and expenses of political parties transparent. The aim is to prevent the political parties' dependence on the rich because the more dependent they are on the contribution of the rich, the more they will serve their paymasters. It is universally accepted that he who pays the piper prescribes the tune.

India also accepts in principle that political parties should not be dependent on the rich, and they should inform the Election Commission of any donation amounting to Rs 20000.00 or more. They are also required to disclose the identity of such donors. Earlier, there was a restriction on the donation from the companies. The idea behind the restriction on the donation from the corporate to the political parties and the obligation to disclose the identity of the donors who contribute more than Rs 20000.00 was to make the parties dependent on small donations from the common man in the hope that the government would serve the common man who finance their activities and elections. But the political parties wanted an easy way and began taking huge amounts of black money from the rich and serving their interest at the cost of the common man.

A few years ago, the Congress Party opened the door for the corporate to make contributions to political parties. But they put a cap on the amount of donation. A company could contribute only up to 7.5 % of its net profit. It also had to share the information of the recipients of the donations and also the amounts donated to one or more parties. This was the position till the Congress ruled.

Modi government is changing it all to make the political parties depend on the corp orates. Since Adanis, Ambanis, Jindal's and the others of their ilk are his buddies and he is determined to serve them more than the Congress, he is sure of getting the lion's share of the donations from the corp orates. Modi has amended the Companies Act to remove the restriction on donating only up to 7.5% of their net profit. Now, the companies can donate any amount they want. They may donate even if they are not making any profit.

Following Modi's government's amendment, the companies are not to disclose the amount donated and the identity of the parties to which the donations were given. The transaction would be completely secret. It would pave the way for the flow of black money and Foreign money to our political parties.  

Modi has also created a channel for a free flow of black money to the political parties. The budget has introduced a bond named Electoral Bond. Anyone may buy Electoral Bonds and donate them to a political party. It would guarantee secrecy because the parties do not have to disclose the identity of the donors. Probably, even the banks selling the bond may not know the identity of the purchasers. Section 29 of the Representation of the People's Act is proposed to be amended to make these donations to political parties and and the identity of the donors unknown to maintain absolute secrecy.

The whole exercise has been done ignoring the Election Commission.The Election Commission has written to the government expressing its opposition to the measures. It has pointed out that now the government owned and foreign companies might give donation to political parties, which was not allowed till date. The EC has also pointed out that under the existing law only profit making companies could give donations, but when that restriction is removed shell companies would be formed for the sole purpose of giving donations only. It has also said that it would become a conduit for foreign money and black money.

The EC is also upset by the amendment of the Representation of People's Act with the sole purpose of dispensing with the transparency of financial transactions of the political parties

Modi has taken these step because he is aware that the Congress Party cannot compete with him in shamelessly serving the rich which he has been doing privately and publicly. No Congressman would dare don a coat worth several lac donated to him by a rich businessman even if he is no less happy to receive the bounty. So, just as he has been selling Railway Stations to the private business, he is preparing to sell our democracy to the rich and sacrifice the interest of the common man at the altar of the insatiable greed of his corporate friends who have become inseparable from him.  As it is, ours may be a government of the people and by the people, it is not for the people.

Modi is out to provide the last nail in our democracy's coffin to make it serve the rich and himself without fear or shame.

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