The NCW notice to Rahul Gandhi is ridiculous! Modi insulted Nirmala Sitharaman publicly…

Don't fall for the bait--#ChowkidarHiChorHai...

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The NCW notice to Rahul Gandhi is ridiculous! Modi insulted Nirmala Sitharaman publicly…

Amaresh Misra

RG's was a barb at Modi and his cynical exploitation of a hapless woman to defend the indefensible. Nirmala Sitharaman is made to grind and take the fall. Hitler and Mussolini behaved similarly. They also followed the practice of thrusting women forward as a sacrificial lamb for their wrongdoings. It is a typical, fascist-dictatorial trait.

Modi insulted Nirmala Sitharaman publicly, for failing to 'stand-up' to Arnab Goswami's 'tough' questions during her Republic TV interview over Rafale. Since Arnab is Modi's man, you can guess that Ms Sitharaman was deliberately sent with half-prepared answers and exposed to an 'unforgiving' line of questioning from a TV journalist know for his 'BJPness'.

The NCW notice is diversionary tactics.

Concentrate on this : Modi bypassed objections of the Defence Ministry and Air Force, while dumping the old deal and 'negotiating' the new one. Rahul Gandhi is putting this question up consistently. He knows that in the whole Rafale debate, THIS IS MODI'S ACHILLES HEEL. For, at that time, EUROFIGHTER WAS OFFERING JETS AT 25% LESS PRICE THAN RAFALE. The Indian Defence establishment wanted the Govt to CONSIDER OTHER OPTIONS FOR JET PURCHASE.

It is a crime not to inform the nation about details of a sordid saga, THAT HAS COMPROMISED NATIONAL SECURITY.

Furthermore, Modi is mansplaining personified.

His each gesture and attitude presumes a superior, patriarchal tone. He is the anti-thesis of even a minimum concept of woman empowerment.

Don't fall for the bait--#ChowkidarHiChorHai

( Amaresh Misra is senior journalist & historian )

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