OROP Fight Continues despite all lies & treacheries!

अतिथि लेखक

Gp Capt KK Singh

This was my question in a whatsapp group:

"A case has been lodged by Gen  Raj Kadyan against Gen Satbir Singh, Gp Capt Gandhi and Wg Cdr CK Sharma for forgery of United Front.  
This is outright treachery by the opposition group, working for the ruling class. 
Do they think the soldiers will be deterred & stop their rightful demand for OROP?
Sir, whats the truth?

Reply came:

"Friends,it is sad but true that Gen Kadyan has got a false and Concocked   FIR Lodged at New Delhi against me,Gp Capt Ganndhi and Winco CK Sharma in connection with Funds at JM.I can only say the God above will do the Justice.
Maj General Satbir Singh SM"

Is this not the method of the ruling class and their henchmen, sycophants to intimidate the opposition? To blackmail them? And now even against the veterans, who never hesitated to sacrifice their family life, self comfort and even the life?
Earlier they erected different tent adjacent to counter the OROP movement, inserted agents, who tried to break unity in name of religion, caste which was never felt while serving in Armed Forces. In fact this dirty tactics, if penetrates into the serving personnel, will be a very dangerous trend, but the rulers, in their philistine world, ignorant of the movement in the society are careless!!! Their sole aim remains profit & more profit!
What is to be done? The soldiers are determined to carry on their fight for their pride and genuine demand till the victory. Old veterans, nearing 90 years, from all over the India, are seen their. Relay hunger strike continues. Women are part & parcel of this struggle. Even other exploited sections, protesting at Jantar Mantar, are attracted and do visit them for interaction. A good progress for the unity of soldiers, peasants and farmers!
I am not hinting at any revolution but must say that out of many pictures and slogans displayed at their tent, Bhagat Singh is prominent! The movement is pregnant with many possibilities and in not far future, the result will be visible!  


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