Modi must realize that his 56 inch chest may win him votes and frighten the minorities in India but would cut no ice with China and Pakistan....

Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar Sinha

When Modi came to power boasting of his 56-inch chest and roaring like a lion, the people took him seriously and really believed that his bold foreign policy would give a strong message to the two of our immediate neighbors to forget the days of the "weak Manmohan Singh government" and behave lest the lion of Gujarat should pounce on them. The people expected peace on the borders with Pakistan and China with their tails in between their legs. The hope that China would behave as dictated by Modi charmed by Modi opening India's door to China for exploiting India's market as much as it desired stands belied. The Jhoola /swing with the Chinese President and Biriyani with Nawaz Sharif on his birthday in Lahore on a few hours notice and one phone call persuaded the people to believe that P.M.Modi was in full command and was calling the shots. Nobody questioned his wisdom or competence. The nation was completely taken in by his bravado, and even the doubting Toms were too intimidated by his propaganda blitz to express their doubts.

 The 'surgical strike' tomtommed as if India had liberated the POK was celebrated by Modi brigade as an unprecedented victory over Pakistan. But a little after three years Modi's Pak and China policies are in a shambles.

There was peace on the LOC in J &K since 2003 after Pakistan declared a 'cease fire ' which India reciprocated. But Modi, ever desperate for taking personal credit for most insignificant things, ordered crossing the LOC to attack some training camps in POK and claimed a major victory over the previous Manmohan Singh government.

The so called surgical strike was effected on 29 September, 2016 in which 6 or 8 terror- trainees were killed instead of Pak soldiers. The cease fire effective since 2003 was jettisoned by Pakistan and it retaliated with an unprecedented ferocity by violating the cease fire as many as 286 times only within a few remaining months of 2016. By now, Pakistan has violated the cease fire more than more 300 times, killed more than 200 of our brave soldiers and officers and scores of innocent villagers inhabiting the villages near the border. Thousands have been displaced to escape death from the bombs and shells rained from across the border.

The borders with. China were peaceful. But thanks to Modi's hugging all and sundry as a substitute for diplomacy, there is serious tension with China. She has refused to allow our pilgrims to proceed to Mansarovar through the Sikkim route. China has also made a claim on Doklam in Bhutan. Now, there is a serious stand off between the two countries.Several footages of fisticuffs between the soldiers of the two countries have been televised in India. Bhutan is a protectorate of India, and any sign of weakness on India's part would weaken India's influence on her immediate neighbors like Nepal, Bangala Desh, Afganistan and Sri Lanka.

There had been a face off between India and China in Sikkim in 1967 in which China backed off, and there had been peace since then. Modi's inept handling of India's foreign policy has brought in an avoidable tension on our border with China. China has moved heavy arms and armed personnel to Tibet in a new move to aggravate the hostility.

When Sushma Swaraj made a statement in Parliament a couple of days ago giving the impression that the situation was not bad and the two neighbors were in a mood to find a peaceful solution ( diplomats do not state facts in plain language as I have done here though ), China bluntly said,"Swaraj has told Parliament a lie ".

Modi's handling of the country's foreign policy has created a serious problem for India with China. His apparent bonhomie with China with simultaneous love affair with the U.S.has made China hostile. She has opposed India's entry to the NSG and is opposed to India's membership of the Security Council as a permanent member. But what is most worrisome is the stand off in Sikkim and Bhutan. Any government in India has to keep in the mind that, unlike the US, we have a border stretching for thousands of kilo meter with Chins, a factor which requires our diplomacy to be extremely sophisticated. Modi's boorish hugging has no place in it.

He must realize that his 56 inch chest may win him votes and frighten the minorities in India but would cut no ice with China and Pakistan.

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