Fifth Arvind Memorial Seminar on “Problems of Socialist Transition” begins in Allahabad

Allahabad, 10 March.  After the recent crisis of capitalism people all over the world today are hitting the streets and taking part in various anti-system movements. Also, the process of discourse on socialism as an alternative to capitalism has picked up once again. Even in India people have begun to talk about this alternative. It is in this context that a Five-day Fifth Arvind Memorial seminar on “Problems of Socialist Transition” began today at Vigyan Parishad Sabhagar, Maharshi Dayanand Marg. Apart from intellectuals and social activists from different parts of country, there will also be participation from abroad. The seminar is being organized by Arvind Memorial Trust.
While making a formal announcement of the seminar, Meenakshy, managing trustee of Arvind Memorial Trust, said in her welcome statement that the real tribute to a brilliant talented and spirited revolutionary like Com. Arvind would be to continue the process of theoretical-practical experiments related to the goal of emancipation of the proletariat and Indian revolution to which he was committed till this his last breadth. Arvind Memorial Trust is committed to this very goal. The trust has been established in memory of Com. Arvind who passed away in 2008. Its headquarter, library and archive are at located in Lucknow. In memory of Com. Arvind, the Arvind Memorial Trust organises a national seminar each year on an important aspect of the movement for social change.
Famous poetess and social activist Katyayani who is associated with Arvind Memorial Trust said while introducing the topic that the cacophony of capitalist triumphalism, “End of History” which began after the collapse of Soviet Union has got silenced after the structural crisis of global capitalism. But numerous deviations are surfacing from within the communist movement itself. In such a situation it has become extremely important to enter into debate concerning all questions related to the myriad problems of socialist transition in the light of the past experiences.
 Several important papers will be presented in the first three days of the seminar on different aspects of the subject. Some of these include paper on Soviet experiments by Abhinav Sinha, Editor, Aahwan, On Chinese socialism and Cultural Revolution by Sukhwinder, Editor Punjabi journal Pratibadh, On Stalin and Soviet Socialism by Dr. Amritpal from Ludhiana, On communisms of post-Marxists by Shivani and Baby Kumari of Delhi University, On socialism in Cuba, Venezuela etc. by Sunny Singh and Arvind Rathee of DU and On Maoism and Mao Tse-tung Thought by Harsh Thakor, Mumbai. Mithilesh Kumar of Western Sidney University, Australia will present a paper on Crisis of the European Left and a team of political activists from Nepal will present their paper on socialist transition and the question of Nepalese revolution.  Besides a left revolutionary group from Greece and some political activists from US will make a presentation through internet link-up in the seminar. On the fourth and fifth day of the seminar, intensive discussion and debate will take place on the issues raised in the papers.
            A delegation has come from Nepal especially to attend the seminar which includes senior poet and General secretary of Nepal Progressive Writers Association Mitralal Pangyani, poet and coordinator of Critical Study and Research Centre Vishnu Gyawali, General Secretary of Gandaki Sahitya Sangam Rajendra Paudel, Member of National Council of Nepal Progressive Writers Association Pramod Dhital, Critic PurushottamRizal, Film critic and central committee member of All Nepal Cineworkers Union Madhav Dhungel, Journalist Naresh Gyawali and CentralCouncilor of Nepal Journalists Federation Sangeet Shrota.
Other participants include Deepti Gopinath from Indian Airport Employees Association Mumbai, Shirish Medhi Visthapan Virodhi Andolan Thane,  Narayan Kharade theatre activist from Mumbai University,  Harsh Thakore,  D K Rathode from Ahmdabad, P L Shakun and P N Maindola from Jaipur, Sanjeev Chakraborty from Kolkata.  Besides, several social activists , cultural activists and intellectuals from Maharashtra,  Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal are also attending the seminar.
In the first day of the seminar, a paper was presented by Abhinav Sinha, editor of students-youth Magazine “Ahwan” on the topic “ Soviet Socialist experiments and problems of socialist transition: Problems of history and theory”.  The socialist experiment of the Soviet Union in the duration of 1917 to the decade of 1930s was critically analysed in the paper.
Today’s session was presided over by senior poet and General secretary of Nepal Progressive Writers Association Mitralal Pangyani, Dr. Sukhdev from Sirsa and Meenakshy, managing trustee of Arvind Memorial Trust. Satyam Varma moderated today’s session.

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