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Flytxt Wins ‘Best Analytics Product for Telecom Industry’ Award

New Delhi, September 3, 2015. Flytxt, a leading mobile consumer analytics solution provider for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and mobile enterprises, announced that it has won the ‘Best Analytics Product for Telecom Industry’ award at the prestigious CMO Asia Telecom Excellence Awards 2015.
Flytxt received this award for its proven mobile consumer analytics solution portfolio, which has enabled its CSP customers to consistently generate 2 to 7% measurable economic value from data. These solutions use packaged analytical models and leverage advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to deliver deeper consumer insights for faster decision making. These insights, in turn, help CSPs to increase revenue, reduce churn and enhance customer experience. Flytxt’s mobile consumer analytics solutions also enable CSPs to collaborate with other enterprises and generate new revenue streams by enabling digital and connected services.
According to a press release commenting on the occasion, Abhay Doshi, SVP – Product and Marketing, Flytxt, said, “We are honoured to receive this recognition. For telcos, customer experience is a competitive differentiator as well as an enabler for growth as they transform from communication service providers to connected service providers. Our aim is to provide analytics solutions for CSPs that allow a deeper understanding of their customers and extend a consistent and differentiated experience throughout the customer lifecycle journey across digital touch points.”
CMO Asia is a dedicated leadership and networking platform that aims to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices among industry influencers cutting across sectors. CMO Asia Telecom Excellence Awards recognizes innovations and contributions to the industry by top companies operating in the telecom space in Asia.
Manager – Marketing Flytxt Gargi Basu told in a release that Flytxt is a fast growing mobile consumer analytics solution provider for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Mobile Enterprises across the globe. The company offers full suite of internal and external monetization solutions for increasing revenue, optimizing margins and enhancing customer experience. Flytxt offers solutions with full-service delivery model combining Technology, Consulting and Execution to deliver guaranteed economic impact to its customers. The company has deployed its platforms at more than 50 customer locations across 32 countries and is analyzing data of more than 500 million mobile consumers, consistently delivering 2 to 7% economic impact. Flytxt has its headquarters in The Netherlands, corporate office in Dubai and presence in Trivandrum, Mumbai, London, Singapore, Lagos, Nairobi, Dhaka and Mexico City.

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