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Palash Biswas पलाश विश्वास पलाश विश्वास। लेखक वरिष्ठ पत्रकार, सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता एवं आंदोलनकर्मी हैं । आजीवन संघर्षरत रहना और दुर्बलतम की आवाज बनना ही पलाश विश्वास का परिचय है। हिंदी में पत्रकारिता करते हैं, अंग्रेजी के लोकप्रिय ब्लॉगर हैं। “अमेरिका से सावधान “उपन्यास के लेखक। अमर उजाला समेत कई अखबारों से होते हुए अब जनसत्ता कोलकाता में ठिकाना

Forget EVM Dalits, obcs and Muslims have surrendered to RSS for their survival!

Palash Biswas

Because RSS is adamant to capture India and it has an institutional infrastructure nationwide and beyond, the opportunist rootless politics based on election equations might not stop it. Because Hindutva agenda is all about corporate monopoly, every politician and political party has aligned with RSS to get its share in the abundant benefit of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

EVM hype is yet another gimmick to delete the history of political and ideological betrayal. Betrayal to the people, betrayal to the nation, betrayal against freedom, sovereignty, unity and integrity.

All identity based political parties; all regional parties have to give way to RSS as they might not survive without RSS lifeline.

I am afraid that Indian politics democracy and constitution have been reduced racist ethnic cleansing, fascist apartheid.

We may not blame the people who might not survive against monopolistic corporate aggression and seeking shelter under RSS umbrella.

Forget EVM, trends are that Dalits, obs and Muslims have lost all the way and they seem to surrender to RSS for their survival!

It is the end of the People`s republic that was India.

I would not be able to write in detail as I am struggling for life myself and have not enough time to write. Perhaps I would try my best to explain the phenomenon on FB Alive whenever I can.

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