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I am Getting Great Reviews for Mulk – Anubhav Sinha

I am Getting Great Reviews for Mulk – Anubhav Sinha

By News Helpline – 5th August 2018

Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha is noted for making romantic drama but his latest, Mulk, the director broke the mould and ventured into the sensitive issue of “Hindu-Muslim” prejudice.

Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu as the main lead in Mulk, the movie opened with a great critical response and filmmaker Anubhav Sinha is over the moon.

Talking about the film review, he said,

“I am getting great reviews. I am telling you, I have never ever received such great reviews in my life. People are giving me 4-5 stars. A lot of reviewers hold the opinion that every Indian should watch this film. It feels great. I hope the entire nations like the film”

Unfortunately, Mulk was recently banned in Pakistan from release. Director Anubhav Sinha urges newly elected Imran Khan to reverse the ban on the film, as filmmaker believes the cricketer turned politician is a progressive man.

Talking about film ban, Anubhav Sinha said,

“Imran Khan Sahab is now running the office, he is quite a progressive man and I am hopeful that he will work towards the betterment of things. My film is banned, nothing can be done right now, but if he can do something, I want him to reverse the ban. I think this film should be watched by Hindu and Muslim. The film talks about love”

The film Mulk is the story of a Muslim family trying to reclaim its lost honour and filmmaker stated that he had certain things to express which he did through his film.

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