Food Minister Paswan has DELIBERATELY FAILED to Control Prices of PULSES!
by Ashok T Jaisinghani
   The NDA Government of Narendra Modi has DELIBERATELY CREATED the SEVERE SHORTAGES of PULSES and has STOPPED their SUPPLIES to the states like Bihar in adequate quantities. The NDA Government has also been WRONGLY BLAMING Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the SEVERE SHORTAGES of PULSES and their extremely HIGH PRICES in his state. It is the Government of India that IMPORTS PULSES and has the DUTY to SUPPLY them to the states, which Food & Public Distribution Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has DELIBERATELY FAILED to do.
   What are the reasons for which Ram Vilas Paswan has FAVORED the HOARDERS of PULSES and allowed them to PROFITEER by resorting to the MASSIVE INCREASE in their PRICES? The NDA Government of Narendra Modi and Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan are in LEAGUE with the HOARDERS, as they have DELIBERATELY created the MASSIVE SHORTAGE of PULSES, but the FELLOWS still are so ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS that they have chosen to WRONGLY BLAME and DEFAME Nitish Kumar for it!!
Ram Vilas Paswan should be considered as one of the BIGGEST ENEMIES of the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar

   Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Ram Vilas Paswan should be considered as one of the BIGGEST ENEMIES of the POOR PEOPLE of Bihar and other states of India. He is an EXTREMELY SELFISH PERSON who is well-known as a SERIAL DEFECTOR among the Indian politicians.
  Just for becoming a MINISTER again and again, Ram Vilas Paswan has DEFECTED from and JOINED different parties like the Samyukta Socialist Party, Lok Dal, Janata Party, Janata Dal and Lok Janshakti Party at different times. He has also been part of the COALITION GOVERNMENTS of the United Front, NDA, UPA and now again NDA just for becoming a MINISTER and for getting many other known and SECRET BENEFITS. Paswan is NO REAL FRIEND of the DALITS, as he has SACRIFICED their INTERESTS for the sake of his own POSITION, POWER and MASSIVE GREED.
   The BJP-led NDA Government has conducted BOGUS RAIDS on the HOARDERS, and it is using the BOGUS RAIDS as a MASSIVE PUBLICITY STUNT, just because the NDA is DESPERATELY trying to win the Bihar Assembly elections by all types of UNFAIR MEANS! Why are the NAMES of HOARDERS NOT GIVEN in the news? Why are they NOT ARRESTED and why are their FACES NOT SHOWN on TV channels?
   Where are the 78,000 tons of CONFISCATED PULSES? Have we been shown the CONFISCATED PULSES being DISTRIBUTED to the POOR PEOPLE at LOWER PRICES? It is absolutely clear that the RAIDS are totally BOGUS!! The BOGUS NEWS is being used by Narendra Modi’s Government just to FOOL the VOTERS of Bihar and the people of India.
     BANIYAAS (Traders) have Caused MASSIVE INFLATION!
   The Baniyaas of BJP like Narendra Modi are responsible for the MASSIVE RISE in PRICES of foodgrains, pulses (daals), cooking oils, onions, etc. The Baniyaa CAPITALISTS have EXPLOITED the POOR PEOPLE of India and deprived them from getting the essential commodities at FAIR PRICES by NOT SUPPLYING them in adequate quantities to many states like Bihar. Narendra Modi can NEVER STOP the Baniyaas from PROFITEERING. Can he ever work AGAINST the INTERESTS of Baniyaas who belong to his own caste?

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