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NHRC notices to the Union Home Secretary and Delhi Police Commissioner over reports of a biker’s death

NHRC notices to the Union Home Secretary and Delhi Police Commissioner over reports of a biker’s death after police barricade wire slits his throat

New Delhi, 9th February, 2018

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC has taken suo motu cognizance of media reports that a motorbike borne 21 year old boy died, when his throat got slit by a metal wire tied by the Delhi Police personnel with the two unmanned barricades in Netaji Subhash Place area in Delhi on the 8th February, 2018. Reportedly, this is not the only case when someone has been hurt due to negligently kept unmanned police barricades.

The Commission has issued notices to the Union Home Secretary the Commissioner of Police, Delhi calling for detailed reports in the matter along with existing guidelines for management of the police pickets/ barricades, their deployment and removal and the extent to which they are in conformity with the smooth flow of traffic. Response from both the authorities is expected within four week.

          The Commission has also asked the Police Commissioner to inform whether any action has been taken against the guilty police personnel as, reportedly, there have been several such incidents in the past. He is also expected to inform whether there is a scheme to grant relief to the victims and their families in case of negligence by personnel of Delhi Police in such cases. The relief, if any, given to the aggrieved family in this case, to be informed along with the report.

The Commission has also observed that the reported incident indicates that the young boy died, undoubtedly, due to the negligence of the police personnel. They kept the barricades unattended and used a metal wire to tie them in a reckless manner, absolutely ignoring the dangerous consequences of their act. The police personnel could easily foresee that metallic wire could pose threat to the life of any passerby. The police pickets and barricades are meant to keep people safe. Leaving them unattended, in such a careless manner, tantamount to criminal breach of duty. Due to clumsiness of the public servants, a precious young human life has been lost. This is a case of serious violation of human rights.

According to the media reports, carried today on the 9th February, 2018, the wire was barely visible in the near darkness, as informed by the locals, who reached the spot within minutes of the accident. A case of death due to negligence has been registered at the Netaji Subhash Place Police Station. The SHO has been moved from his post and seven police personnel have been placed under suspension.

Reportedly, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) has stated that a parallel probe has been ordered to find out the source of the metal wire and the police personnel, who had tied the barricades with it. Allegedly, in several parts of the city, the police barricades are seen placed unattended leading to traffic jam and accidents. Several specific incidents have been mentioned in the news reports.

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