असम- किसानों से जमीन खाली कराने की पुलिस फायरिंग में दो महिलाओं की मौत, दस घायल

असम- जमीन खाली कराने की पुलिस कार्रवाई में दो महिलाओं की मौत, दस घायल
नई दिल्ली। असम में भारतीय जनता पार्टी सरकार द्वारा विस्थापित किसानों से जमीन खाली कराने की पुलिस कार्रवाई में दो की मौत हो गई हो व दस घायल हैं।
कृषक मुक्ति संग्राम समिति, असम के अध्यक्ष व जाने-माने सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता अखिल गोगोई के ई मेल से यह सूचना विलंब से मिली है।
अखिल गोगोई के मुताबिक बीती 19 सितंबर कोअसम पुलिस, सीआरपीएफ के 1000 से अधिक जवान हाथी और जेसीबी मशीन लेकर नौगाँव जिले के कांजीरंगा नेशनल पार्क के बंदेरदुबी पहुंचे और घरों को जलाना प्रारंभ कर दिया।
जब किसानों के परिवारों ने पुलिस कार्रवाई का विरोध किया तो पुलिस ने फायरिंग कर दी, जिसमें दो महिलाओं की मौके पर ही मृत्यु हो गई, जबकि 10लोग घायल हो गए।

अखिल गोगोई का पूरा मेल निम्नवत् है –

On 19th morning, the district administration of Nagaon in Assam arrived in Bandardubi area near the Kaziranga National Park to evict several hundreds of peasant families.
In 2015 the Gauhati High Court gave a judgment to evict people from the proposed additions of the Kaziranga National Park. The high court has ordered that due process of law must be completed before eviction would be carried out.
The peasant families were settled by the AGP government in 1980s, and land leases were given to them.
During the election campaign, the BJP led a high pitch campaign to evict these people to save Kaziranga National Park.
In the last few days, the Assam government had begun preparation for eviction. Few of days before, Assam finance minister Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma told the gathering of the peasant families that they must leave and the government may think of compensation only after eviction.
The peasant families refused to accept the promise of the government and demanded that compensation be given beforehand.
The KMSS had a press conference yesterday and demanded that the government must give compensation first, settle the rights of the farmers first, and not to communalise the question of the livelihood the peasant families.
Early in the morning of 19th more than 1000 personnel from the Assam Police, CRPF elephants, JCB arrived there and started burning the houses. When the peasant families started resisting, the police fired at them leading to the death of 2 women on the spot and leaving more than 10 people severely injured.
As this report is being written, the police have burned down large numbers of houses or the property has been trampled down with the help of elephants.

Akhil Gogoi
Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti, Assam

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