Communalism Explained!- A Graphic Account

Communalism Explained!- A Graphic Account


‘Communalism Explained!- A Graphic Account’ is a book that illustrates in the form of graphics the phenomenon of communalism in India co-authored by Ram Punyani and Sharad Sharma and published by Vani Prakashan in both English and Hindi. The book explains the theme of communal violence and communal politics in an illustrated form.

About the book

This book is a broad overview of the phenomenon of communalism and terrorism, which has gripped the country and other parts of the World. It takes up the theme in a question- answer format and is enriched by the graphics, which supplement the text. The narrative begins with the demolition of Babri Mosque on 6th December 1992, goes on to the horrific violence, which followed the Babri demolition and tries to understand the forces, which instigate and sustain this violence.

It goes on to the tragedy of Godhra train catching fire and the carnage unleashed on that pretext. It gives the extracts from Citizens Tribunal, Bannerjee Commission and the Tehelka expose on the carnage.

The next chapters take up the understanding of Indian society. The syncretic traditions in the arena of religion, the mixed heritage in the area of literature, art, culture and aspects of social life is outlined. The arrival British lays the foundation of communal politics. The agenda of British colonialists and their manipulation of the landlord sections and landlord-elites’ ideology in the communal direction leading to partition tragedy and the sowing the seeds of discord in Kashmir are outlined.

The values emerging form Freedom movement, the role of Gandhi in freedom movement, the values of rising classes: Secular democracy in contrast to the communal politics of declining sections of society is compared and contrasted.

The book also demolishes the misconceptions about minorities prevalent in the society, like why temples were destroyed, why conversions took place, the truth behind polygamy and more children, the nature of Christian missionary work, the truth behind the politics of terror are outlined in a lucid manner. Finally the book delineates the steps to strengthen secular and democratic values in the society.

This book is an attempt to present the issues at hand in a simple manner for the average reader, students and youth. The question answer form delineates the issues and prompts the reader to think about the topic. The graphic form makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the issues in an easy form.


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