The Tsunami is over Mr. Prime Minister!

The Tsunami is over – Ram has NO Place in RSS Hindutva agenda; it is Modi Puja and Godse Temple all Over!
Blocking writing on net would not help either as AAP replaces RSS! After Delhi RSS losing ground and committing suicide!
The Tsunami is over- Since AAP sweeped Delhi, Govt. of India is doing the great job blocking writing against the ruling Billionaire Millionaire hegemony, Corporate Raj, legislation and policy making, economic ethnic cleansing, racial Apartheid, inherent inequality and injustice, environment and ecology, rapes and gang rapes, brutal violation of human and civil rights, Hindutva, RSS and Hindu Imperialism!
Professional journalists like us may not write single line relevant to the suffering of the masses, their plight, their problems, their struggles and the care is taken to block information about the truth of so called development, Achhe Din and minimum governance, disinvestment and complete privatization under complete FDI Raj.
The government has no capacity to digest any criticism at all.
Everything from blue culture, everything from Ponzi networking and fraud, making dupes of the consumers and taxpayers, blue film hard-core clippings are flowing in media and social networking but we are not allowed to address the masses and the nation.
Every door is shut down.
Every window is closed.
It is an unwritten Emergency unprecedented that I am being deactivated and blocked again and again as our fellow citizens who dare to speak up have been shut up this way.
Mr Prime Minister, it would not help you just because the Tsunami Balloon is blasted right in Delhi and you would see how your Hindutva card installs Didi in Bengal once again as Bangaon votes tomorrow and despite breaking the Matua Movement RSS is going to lose.
You could not hold on Delhi and have been exposed at every home with Fifteen Lac suits branded and changed so many times a day.
People would soon know who paid for these suits as the people know very well who paid for your 3D campaign and flights to and for and who happen to be the best winner with your win.
You boast to represent us, the people of India, the people deprived of basic necessities and services as you have linked everything to the free market economy and the nation as well as national resources happens to be on stake.
Pardon, we do not address those people on internet who have no time to read or write any information at all neither they understand the economics.
You and your government simply blocking those words and sentences which may rather help you in your governance and politics whatsoever.
The wind is changing.
RSS is deviated from God Rama and worshiping you having invoked Nathuram Godse. In fact , you did never follow the path of Maryada Purushottam! Adharm has enveloped the Dharma all the way and the all-round fraud exposed, mind you!
You have side-lined every RSS and BJP activist who happen to be patriotic and concerned to gang up for the expansion of the infamous Gujarat Model.
You seem not to have learnt the lesson in Delhi where simply the BJP supporters crossed the fences to teach you. As the Lilliput made it a perfect Waterloo for the God incarnated by RSS and Global Capitalism.
Lotus may not bloom in a desert, mind you.
You are making entire nation a desert with your robotic, digital and biometric tools.
The citizens have their hearts and minds.
They are not machines or the dices in the Dalal Street. You may drive the Bull Run but you may not drive the people in the same way.
CHEEL CHAKKAR ahead with swift and dangerous turn. The oil prices not adjusted with the inflation and price rise and the people in Delhi could understand this.
Your claims of Good Days turned to be disastrous and the people see red altheway.
Your diplomacy exposed. Your claims of achievement exposed and the budget you are going to present it would be exposed.
You have not perhaps witnessed the social forces across identities wanting an alternative politics which should represent the people.
You dismantled Anna Brigade.
The Ghost is rising again.
You wanted your forces to run through the nation and win every state for you.
In Bengal, the people do understand. When you do come to campaign for the Corporate elections in Kolkata, you would better understand!
In Kashmir, the issues of article 370 and AFSPA might be compromised by those who are in search of the key to power. But the Kashmir Valley would decide everything which has already rejected you and the mandate has gone against you.
If cross identity Vote is the trend, it has to continue for the best whether we stand with AAP or not. But the people would judge the politics and opt without your knowledge as shutters are down.
As your profile shows you a man from grassroots, I may have sympathy, only sympathy for you Mr. Prime Minister.
You may block some IDs dictating the service provides to dance at your will. You may not block the hearts and minds of the people!
Mind you the nation is not in any mood to dance with your tune.
The Tsunami is over Mr. Prime Minister!
Palash Biswas

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